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Word of the Day - Summer


Woe is me! For I have become

        as when the summer fruit has been gathered,

        as when the grapes have been gleaned:

    there is no cluster to eat,

        no first-ripe fig that my soul desires.

(Micah 7:1, ESV)

Spring is a fun season for me. The trials and tribulations of a cold winter, with potential snow, ice, wind, and difficult road conditions, have ended. I listen to the birds sing, and I enjoy seeing the buds come on the tree. I walk along the paths and watch children play in the park.  I feel the cool breeze of Holy Spirit speaking to me as He directs my attention to what the Father is doing.

I interpret spring as a time of preparation, planting, and nurturing. I greatly enjoy these times in my life.

However, summer is a difficult time of the year.  I toil as I care for the yard, and struggle knowing how often I should water the plants during a time of uncertain rainfall.  I’m a person of comfort.  I don’t like hot, stuffy, dry weather.   This is my 65th summer and I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with it.

Many mornings like today, I wake up and wonder what am I going to do.  Since the forecast is for rain all day, I will stay inside. I am comfortable doing things inside my house, but I struggle with things inside my soul.

I am feeling that there is a pause in my fruitfulness.  Like the farmer, I have times of planting and times of waiting.  I usually go to Psalm 40 when I am struggling with waiting on the Lord.  However, the Spirit directed me to this scripture today.

Yahweh [the Father] said to my Lord, the Messiah:

“Sit with me as enthroned ruler

while I subdue your every enemy.

They will bow low before you

as I make them a footstool for your feet.”

(Psalm 110:1, TPT)

If Jesus can wait for the perfect time of the Father, so can I.

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