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Pointers to your path forward


Altogether, those chosen to be gatekeepers at the thresholds numbered 212. They were registered by genealogy in their villages. The gatekeepers had been assigned to their positions of trust by David and Samuel the seer.

(1 Chronicles 9:22, NIV)

Almost everyone who drives uses a GPS for some trips, however, most don’t know or don’t care how it works. They know that it will help them get to their destination.

I am a geek, so you have to put up with a little bit.  A GPS system (ie. Google Maps, Waze) depends on multiple satellites. If your car cannot connect to at least three, the GPS system cannot function.

I visited a park this morning. It is only a few miles away from my house, but it was a new adventure. When I was ready to leave, I put my destination in the app on my phone. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I was instructed to turn left. I thought that the best path was a right hand turn, but I followed the GPS instructions anyway. I drove several miles before I realized that I was on the most direct path to my destination.

When I have a difficult choice to make, I don’t want to depend on one source.  God is the source of all wisdom, but all receptors of that wisdom are somewhat flawed.  When I have more trusted pointers, I have a greater confidence in what they are pointing to.

I have confidence that I can hear what the Father is saying to me through His Holy Spirit, however, when the consequences of not accurately discerning are significant, I trust my advisors to help validate my path forward.

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