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Live like the wise

Word of the Day - Rabbit

24And there are four very little things upon the earth, but these are wiser than the wise:

25the ants which are weak, and yet prepare their food in summer;

26the rabbits also are a feeble race, who make their houses in the rocks.

27The locusts have no king, and yet march orderly at one command.

28And the eft, which supports itself by its hands, and is easily taken, dwells in the fortresses of kings.

(Proverbs 30:24-28, Brenton’s Septuagint Translation)

The Lord has been good to me all the days of my life. I am continuing to trust Him for my future, but some days, like today, I feel physically and emotionally feeble.  Many things are weighing heavy on my heart.

Before I asked God for help, He delivered the answer.  Rabbits often hop in my backyard unnoticed, but today one of these furry creatures drew my attention.  Its sweet little face was staring at me through the window.  It was saying to me, “If God cares for me, He will provide for you.”

There was a thunderstorm last night.  The rabbit survived because he was wise to build his house among the rocks. God is reminding me today that I will survive the thunderstorms of life because I have built my house on the rock, who is Jesus Christ.

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