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Answers from God


Before he had finished speaking, behold, Rebekah, who was born to Bethuel the son of Milcah, the wife of Nahor, Abraham’s brother, came out with her water jar on her shoulder.

(Genesis 24:15, ESV)

I woke up this morning with shoulder pain. It wasn’t as bad as it has been, but enough to keep me awake.

The Lord brought me to this familiar passage. Abraham’s servant was known to be dependable and capable of taking care of Abraham‘s business.

Previously, when I read this verse, I was impressed with the servant’s relationship not only with Abraham, but also with His Lord.   It may appear that the servant is telling God how to validate His selection of a wife for Abraham.

I asked the Lord if I should be like that, and He said, “Yes.”  But I must have the confidence to make a request boldly of the Lord.

The Lord said that the key phrase is “before he had finished speaking“.  God is not expecting me to speak elegantly. He’s expecting me to speak out of the passion and knowledge of Him.  God was quick to answer the servant’s request, because God put the solution in the servant’s heart.

Similar to Abraham’s servant, I must be ready to believe God for the answers to my questions. This level of faith comes from an intimacy with God, who is my Savior, Lord, friend, and Father.

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