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My Son

My son sits in the house
    on rainy spring time days
Imagining the fun
    he will have under the sunny rays

My son finds bugs
    and toads and frogs
And squirmy little snakes
    that live beneath the logs

He walks along the stream
    that’s hidden in the trees
And returns with muddy shoes
    after every stormy breeze

As my son goes walking
    down the street
Who do you think
    that he will meet?

To the man who was
    walking his dog today
He asked if the dog
    had time to play

The man said he must
    hurry back home
He had to feed
    his big dog Jerome

He and his dog would
    return to play ball
But the man said that
    my son might be too small

My son saw the kites
    flying in the sky
He asked if he
    could give it a try

They said the wind
    was so strong today
A little boy might
    get blown away

My son saw the geese
    walking along
The honking sounded like
    a joyful song

Don’t get too close,
    a boy with no bread
Can be in danger
    with a goose that’s not fed

My son climbed up high
    into a tree
He said he was looking
    at a strange looking bee

He thought He would climb up
    and then right back down
But he decided to stay
    he could see the whole town

My son got tired
    and came home to eat
He said after lunch
    he had some friends to meet

He met his friends at the park
    and played on the swings
They made up stories
    of all types of things

First they imagined
    they went to the moon
And ate huge piles
    of ice cream with a spoon

In their thoughts
    they went to a farm
And played in the loft
    of an old barn

They went to a city
    and climbed a high tower
They were able to return
    in less than an hour

They lived in the past
    and rode on horseback
They decided to help build
    the first railroad track

They went to the future
    where cars were like planes
And walking around
    was very, very strange

My son is having fun
    and learning while he plays
As his Dad, I want to be near
    to help him through all his days

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