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Word Of The Day -
March 22, 2024


[8]Now, this is the goal: to live in harmony with one another and demonstrate affectionate love, sympathy, and kindness toward other believers. Let humility describe who you are as you dearly love one another. [9]Never retaliate when someone treats you wrongly, nor insult those who insult you, but instead, respond by speaking a blessing over them—because a blessing is what God promised to give you.
(1 Peter 3:8-9, TPT)

One of my friends was reminding me that the heart of God is to bless his children. He’s not sitting around waiting for us to fail, so that He can get mad at us or withhold things from us. God promises us certain things, and He always comes through. He realizes that we are weak, and we often are not fully aware of everything that He wants us to do. However, God does give us indications from time to time of what His desire is for us to be doing for Him.

One of the things that God said to me recently was that He is going to set some things up for me. He put desires in my heart to do things for Him in His kingdom, and He is going to help me.

As we can see from the scripture that I included above, God asks us to treat our brothers and sisters in the Lord in a similar way. We should look for ways to bless them, even if we don’t think that they are worthy of being blessed.

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