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Message Received

After the bird stopped singing to Lisa, she wondered if it was time for her to go back to her house. She still felt like God was going to say something to her. She didn’t know why she needed to be sitting on the bench in her backyard. The Bible says that God speaks to us wherever we are. But, Lisa remembered that many of the people in the Bible had special places where they communicated with God.


When Lisa arrived home, her mom and dad were sitting in the living room.

Mr. Lewis said, “Hi, Lisa. How was your time at the park?”

Lisa said, “It was OK. I was talking to Annabelle and Frieda. Guess what?! As I was talking to them about the bluebird that I saw here at the house, I think the same bluebird, or one very similar to it, came over and started singing a little song to me.“

Mrs. Lewis said, “That’s beautiful! I’ve been thinking a lot about God and how wonderful His creatures are.”

Mr. Lewis said, “I agree. I used to spend some time listening to the pretty birds in nature, but I guess my life just got too busy. Maybe I should be doing that more on the weekends when I have some spare time.“

Lisa said, “I think that would be fantastic, Dad! Maybe we can sit and listen together.”

Mr. Lewis said, “I would love to do that, Lisa. I know I need to be spending more time with you and Larry. I don’t want my life to get so busy that I forget about my family. Your mom and I do some things together, like go out to dinner and just share our lives with each other, but I need to be doing that with you kids as well.”

Lisa said, “Great, Dad! I look forward to these times when we can do stuff together more often.”

Lisa added, “It’s still a really nice day. I think I’ll go out and sit on the bench in the backyard now.“

Mrs. Lewis said, “OK. Have fun.”


Lisa went into the backyard and sat on the bench. She loved the view. She wasn’t quite sure why her family was so blessed to have a beautiful view of the mountains. Each season gave a different kind of feeling to her. But she knew it was all from the Lord.

Lisa sat on the bench for a little while. As she usually did, Lisa closed her eyes and just listen to nature.

Something drew Lisa’s attention. She wasn’t sure what it was, but she opened her eyes. Sitting in front of her, on a branch of a small tree, was a bluebird. She was still thinking that she knew what her ‘special’ bluebird looked like, and she thought this was the one. In any case, it was a bluebird.

Lisa wasn’t sure whether she should be talking to the bluebird or not.

There was nobody else in the backyard, so if Lisa started talking, she figured the bird would know that she was talking to it. She didn’t know its name, but she figured the bluebird would respond anyway if it knew she was talking to it. That’s the way Sam, her dog, is.

Lisa said, “Hello, little bluebird. What is your name?“

Lisa waited like she was expecting the bluebird to respond to her. Why not?

Lisa was only partially surprised when the bird started to sing to her. After all, that’s what it did when she was in the park, and she didn’t even speak to it there.

Her backyard was usually filled with so many different types of birds that she wasn’t quite sure when she heard a bird, what kind of a bird was singing. This day, she heard the bluebird singing in the park, so there was no question in her mind that there was a bluebird singing now. Also, she could tell by looking at the bluebird in the tree in front of her that it was singing.

While Lisa was soaking in this wonderful song, something exciting happened. Several other bluebirds came near her. Two of the bluebirds landed on branches in the same tree with the first bluebird. One bluebird landed on the ground not too far away from her, and obviously was being very cautious.

One of the bluebirds flew and landed on the bench next to where she was sitting. The bluebird was about four feet away from her. She was on one end of the bench and the bluebird was on the other end.

All of the bluebirds started singing. It seemed like they were singing a song together. But they weren’t actually totally in sync with each other, just sort of like a band or symphony. One was singing something, and the other one seemed to be singing something that kind of went together. Then several more bluebirds came over, and they all started singing with each other.

Lisa started to cry, and wondered if anybody would believe her. She desired with all her heart that she had not only a picture of this, but a video with the sound, too.

Lisa was looking in a direction that was away from the house, so she did not know that her dad had walked into the backyard.

Mr. Lewis was really quiet because he didn’t want to disturb Lisa, or any of the birds as they were singing. Mr. Lewis had his cell phone in his hand, and he was recording a video of this whole scene.

When it seemed like the symphony of bluebirds was finished, Mr. Lewis stopped the video on his phone. The video was about two minutes long.

Mr. Lewis said, “My dear Lisa, the Lord has greatly blessed you. I wish it was me, but I’m so glad that I get to be part of your life to see what God is doing. I got this on a video for you. I know you will treasure it for your whole life. Your mom and I will too!“

When Lisa turned around. She could tell that her dad was crying while he was talking to her.

Lisa said, “Thank you, Dad, for recording this for me. I now know what the message is, and what God is asking me to do.”

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