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Tell Me Something

In the afternoon, the wind wasn’t blowing nearly as strong as it was earlier. The sun was out, and it seemed like it warmed up a bit.

Larry said to his mom, “Mom, I would like to take Sam down to the park to play. He seems to be getting very rowdy. Is that OK?“

Larry’s mom responded “That sounds like a really good idea. Have a great time.”

Larry noticed that Lisa was still staring out the window.

Larry said to Lisa, “Lisa, would you like to go to the park with me and Sam?“

Lisa wasn’t really sure how to respond. She still felt like she should be doing something, but she didn’t know what it was.

Lisa finally said, “Sure! I think I need to get out and get some fresh air, too. Mom, I will be going with Larry and Sam to the park.”

Lisa’s mom responded, “OK. You all have a good time. “


When Larry and Lisa arrived at the park, they realized that several of their friends were already there.

Frieda said, “Hi, Lisa and Larry! Glad you two decided to come to the park. We’re all having a really good time. And, oh, glad you brought Sam! I haven’t seen him in a while.”

Sam went over to Frieda and gave her one of his little friendly barks. That meant he really liked Frieda.

Frieda petted Sam and said, “Nice to see you, too, Sam.”

Larry said, “I’m going to the fenced area and let Sam run around for a while. He loves to do that. It looks like there’s a couple of his dog friends there.”

After Larry left, Frieda said to Lisa, “So, how have you been feeling recently, Lisa? The last few times I saw you, you seemed to be sort of lost in your thoughts. Not that that’s so bad, just wondering how you’re doing.”

Lisa responded, “Oh, I’m doing OK. But you’re right. I have been sort of thinking a lot about things recently. I hope I haven’t been ignoring you, or any of my other friends.“

Frieda said, “I don’t think you’ve been ignoring me. I’m not sure what other people think. But you’re not that kind of a person.”

Lisa said, “Thanks, Frieda. I appreciate you giving me your honest feeling about this. I know you would tell me if I was doing something or saying something that was offending you.”

Frieda wasn’t sure how she should respond. It was like she was embarrassed that Lisa would say something really nice to her like that.

Annabelle came over to where Lisa and Frieda were talking.

Annabelle said, “Wow! It was really windy this morning. I wasn’t sure whether we were gonna be able to do anything today. When I walked out this morning, the wind was blowing so hard, I thought I was gonna be like a kite and fly away to the end of the world.“

Frieda said, “Oh, Annabelle. You really are a very dramatic person. But that’s OK.”

Lisa said, “You know, this morning I was looking out the window and I saw this pretty bluebird sitting on my windowsill. Actually, it kept flying away and coming back again. It was like it was trying to get my attention. Maybe it had a message for me or something, what do you think?”

Frieda said, “I don’t know! That sounds kind of interesting, but something I never really thought much about. Do birds actually try to talk to people?”

Annabelle responded, “I don’t think so. How could a bird talk to a person?“

Lisa responded, “Well, originally all of the animals and birds talked to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. That’s what the Bible says. Well, we know that things didn’t go so well for Adam and Eve, so they lost some of what God wanted them to do. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t start happening again.”

Frieda said, “Ummm. You probably know more about that than I do. After all you sit down and draw the birds all the time. Maybe some of them like you. Maybe God has decided to make one of them a messenger to send you a message. What do you think about that, Lisa?”

Lisa responded “I’m glad you said that before I did. That’s what I’ve been thinking. But I don’t wanna talk much about it. Some of my friends will think I’m a little bit goofy or something.”

Annabelle said, “I will never think you’re goofy. I may not understand what you’re doing. But I wouldn’t say that you’re goofy!”

Just as Annabelle was saying this, Frank walked by.

Frank said, “Oh! I would be really slow to say that Lisa is never goofy!”

Lisa responded, “Thanks, Frank! I knew I could count on you to come in on a conversation and not have any idea about what we’re talking about. But you still gotta make a comment anyway. But don’t worry. We’re still your friends.”

Frank said sarcastically, “Well! Well! Well! I guess I gotta be a little more careful about the things I say around you all.”

Lisa responded, “You’re doing OK, Frank. Just don’t get so dramatic! Why don’t you go back and play with Larry and Sam and the other dogs!”

Frank said, “Message received!”

After Frank left, Annabelle said, “Lisa, weren’t you just a little bit hard on Frank? You know he’s very sensitive. I think he is still remembering that story that Larry told about the proud boy named Franco. Larry apologized for using a name similar to Frank’s name, but I don’t think Frank ever got over it.“

Lisa said, “Yeah. I think you’re right. I need to be more careful about the way I say things to people. Sometimes I come over just a little bit too strong.”

Frieda said, “I’m glad you’re thinking about that, Lisa. I almost never think about things like that. I guess I just figured that if people don’t like me, they don’t like me.“

Annabelle responded, “Frieda, don’t start thinking like that again. Remember, we are your friends. We all got to stick together and help each other.“

Lisa said, “Thanks for reminding us, Annabelle. By the way, I’m still thinking about that bluebird. Oh! Look over there on the top of the bench. I think that’s my bluebird friend!”

Frieda said, “What?! Do you think that’s the same bluebird that was sitting on your windowsill back at your house?”

Lisa said, “If it isn’t, then it could be its twin. I think it’s looking at me like it wants to tell me something.”

Frieda said, “Why don’t you walk over there real slowly and see if it will just stay there, and maybe tell you something?“

Lisa didn’t say anything. She just started walking over to the bench where the bluebird was sitting. When she got about three or four feet from the bench, the bluebird flew up to a branch in a tree above the bench.

Lisa sat down on the bench and was very quiet. The bird started singing a little song. Lisa thought the song was for her. She was wondering if God was going to tell her how to interpret the song.

Lisa’s friends were observing all of this and were amazed.

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