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Lisa was starting to get into a routine for Saturday. After breakfast she would go outside and sit on the bench in her backyard, and wait to feel some inspiration from the Lord to do her drawing. During the winter, and now into the early spring, it was often too cold some mornings to sit outside. On cold days, Lisa would sit and look out the window instead of going into the backyard. This Saturday morning was quite cold and also very windy.

As Lisa was looking out the window, a bluebird flew over and sat on the windowsill. Lisa loved to draw birds. The difficulty with drawing birds was that they often didn’t stay still very long. For Christmas this last year, Lisa’s parents gave her a digital camera. Lisa was starting to learn how to take pictures of nature. Grandpa was giving her some good tips from time to time. When Lisa saw the bluebird sitting on the windowsill, she took a picture of it.

Within a short time, the bluebird flew away from the windowsill. Lisa was very happy that she could take a good picture of the bird before it flew away. Lisa took out her drawing materials and looked at the picture that was on her camera. It wasn’t easy to sketch from pictures on the camera, but it gave her a start. Then later, she could copy them over to a computer and print them out on paper.

As Lisa was starting to draw the bluebird from the picture on her camera, the bluebird came back and sat on the windowsill again. Lisa thought this was very unusual because she had never seen a bird do that before. And it was a windy day.

Mrs. Lewis saw Lisa very intently looking at the bluebird on the windowsill and said, “Oh, Lisa. That is a very beautiful bird!”

Lisa responded, “Yes, Mom. It is very beautiful. I wonder if it’ll stay there a little bit longer this time.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “What do you mean?”

Lisa said, “This bird seems to be very curious to me. It is very windy outside, but this bird keeps flying away and coming back to the windowsill. I wonder why it’s doing that. I wonder if it has a purpose for sitting on the windowsill.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “Hmm. That does seem to be very interesting.“

Lisa continued to observe the bluebird coming and going from the windowsill for what she thought was almost a half an hour.


Even though Lisa was still just seven years old, she was starting to become a well-known artist. She wasn’t thinking of her drawings as being a form of income, but she did receive some money once in a while from people that she didn’t know very well. She felt like she needed a little bit of money to buy her supplies, but she didn’t want to accept money from her friends or family, and definitely not Grandpa. Lisa felt like her gift of drawing was given to her so that she could bless people.

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