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Where We Are

Larry’s Heart
by Larry Lewis

Snow falls on everything.
I like the way it looks.
I wonder what it can bring,
While we read our books.

I tried to get ahead of it;
I thought it could not win.
When it looked like it would quit,
It came at me again!

Then, I went to sleep
And dreamed of my sister’s art.
I no longer wanted to weep;
Jesus’ peace was in my heart.

Larry’s prayer:

Thank you, Jesus, for being patient with me. I still get anxious when I think I will not be able to do all I have been created to do. I know I am still a young boy. I am limited in what I can do for you, but I don’t want people to think I am a lazy or fearful boy.

You have spoken to me many times. You have warned me and my family of dangers. My sister and I are still very young, but you say in the Bible that we can be used for You in Your kingdom right now, right where we are.

Thank you for giving us parents who can encourage us to love as You love. Thank you for giving us Grandpa. He always has something to cheer us up when life makes us droopy.

I still don’t have the courage of Daniel or David in the Bible, but I know you are working in me to have the courage I need, when I need it. Thank you for your love for me and my family. We feel your goodness everyday.

Thank you for dying for us on the cross, so that our sins can be forgiven.


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