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Love Snow

The snow continued all day Saturday afternoon, and into the evening.

As Larry looked out the window at the snow, he started to feel an inspiration. He thought that’s what it was.

Larry asked, “What does it feel like when you get an inspiration?”

Lisa answered, “Wow, Larry! Where did you get that from?“

Larry said, “I think I heard it at church.“

Mr. Lewis said, “Sometimes, God speaks to you through His Holy Spirit. He lets you know something about Himself or something He wants you to do. That is known as an inspiration.“

Larry said, “Yeah. I think I got one of those. I’m gonna sit here and look out the window at the snow and write a poem.“

Mrs. Lewis said, “That’s a wonderful idea, Larry. I was praying that God would give you something to do today, so that you wouldn’t feel like you were wasting your whole day.“

That’s what Larry did. Larry sat and looked out the window at the snowstorm. He observed how the snow piled up on the bushes in the yard. He saw the place where they were playing in the yard. It seemed to disappear as the snow continued to come down. Larry wrote his poem as best he could.


When the Lewis family woke on Sunday morning, the snow had stopped, but it was very obvious that no one was going anywhere. At least not for a while. They needed to shovel their driveway and the snowplow was going to be coming by sometime that day. But who knows when that would happen?

After breakfast, Larry and Lisa went out to start shoveling the snow in the driveway. Mr. Lewis said he would come out and help them.

Larry and Lisa were not surprised that Charlie was out shoveling his driveway already. That’s the way Charlie is. Once he gets ready to do something, he goes at it full speed ahead.

Larry said, loudly, “Hey, Charlie! How’s it going over there?”

Charlie responded in a similar way, “Hey, Larry! Everything’s cool over here.“

In a short time, it seemed like a lot of the neighbors were coming out to shovel their driveway and the sidewalks in front of their houses. Around 10 in the morning, there was a whole army of people out shoveling driveways and sidewalks.

Larry said, “I’m going down to see how Grandpa is doing.”


When Larry got to Grandpa’s house, he could see that somebody had already shoveled his driveway and sidewalk for him. Larry was very happy about that. Larry went to the front door and rang the doorbell.

Grandpa said, “Hi, Larry. How’s the shoveling going?”

Larry said, “Fantastic! We are all having a great time working together.”

Grandpa said, “I am so pleased to see that you are all working together. I knew the storm was coming, so I bought extra milk and chocolate, so that I can make it for you guys. I will bring it out and put it on the table on the front porch. Tell all your friends that they can stop by if they’re cold and they want a cup of hot chocolate.”

Larry said, “Thanks, Grandpa. You’re always contributing something wonderful.”


Larry wandered around and mentioned to several people that Grandpa was going to have hot chocolate, and put it out on his front porch for anybody who wanted some. Those who had been working hard and were getting cold thought that was a wonderful idea.

Some of the neighbors that stopped by for some hot chocolate did not know Grandpa very well. They really enjoyed the conversation with him. They wondered why they waited so long to get to know Grandpa.

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