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Talk Snow

Recently, Larry walked Sam in the mornings before school, and Lisa walked Sam just before dinner.

When Lisa got home, she was thinking that it might start snowing soon.

Lisa said to her mom, “Mom, I think I should walk Sam early today. The weatherman said that it wasn’t going to start snowing until close to 6 o’clock, but it looks to me like it’s going to snow sooner than that.”

Lisa‘s mom said, “I think you’re right, dear. I checked the weather forecast just before you arrived home, and they have changed their mind. They think this snow might come within an hour or two.”


When Lisa took Sam out for a walk, she stopped at Frieda’s house. Frieda came to the front door.

Frieda said, “Hi, Lisa. What a surprise! Hi, Sam. How are you doing?“

Sam responded with his cute little bark.

Lisa said, “You asked for us to help you shovel the snow. We’re definitely going to do that. We’re all gonna have to help each other with this snowstorm. It looks like it might be more than a foot of snow by tomorrow afternoon.”

Frieda said, “Thanks, Lisa. I’m really starting to feel like I belong here. Some of the older kids told me they will be helping as well. They used to walk around with their shovels asking if somebody wanted to pay them to shovel their driveway. They said they are not going to ask for money this time. It seems like everybody’s having a very generous heart with this snowstorm.”

Lisa said, “Yeah. It looks like everyone is going to be looking out for anyone who needs some help. I’m so glad to see that. Stay warm and may God keep you and your family safe. I am also going to check on Grandpa.”

Frieda responded, “Thanks, Lisa. I’ll try to get out as soon as the snow ends tomorrow.”


Lisa walked down the street to where Grandpa lives. Sam always loved to come to Grandpa’s house. And Grandpa enjoyed seeing him, too.

When Lisa rang the doorbell at Grandpa’s house, Grandpa greeted Lisa.

Grandpa said, “Oh. Hi, Lisa. It looks like you have Sam with you today.”

Lisa said, “I decided to bring Sam on a walk before it started to snow.“

Sam was a good dog, and didn’t usually jump up on people, but he couldn’t resist giving Grandpa a really friendly ‘hello’.

Grandpa said to Sam, “Glad to see you, boy. Thanks for stopping by.”

Lisa said, “Are you doing OK, Grandpa?”

Grandpa answered, “So far, so good! I’m just waiting for the big snowstorm along with the rest of the neighborhood.“

Lisa said, “Yeah. It seems like we’re going to have a really big shoveling party after the snow ends tomorrow. We’ve been talking a lot about it at school, and to some of the older kids on the street. Everybody wants to work together to help anybody who needs their driveway or their sidewalk shoveled. That includes you, Grandpa!”

Grandpa said, “Yes. I really do feel well cared for on this street. And I don’t think it’s just because I tell stories. All of the kids seem to be very caring.”

Lisa said, “You know, Grandpa, I was kind of surprised at that. But I do agree with you. I think God is starting to work in a lot of kids’ hearts. Not just me and Larry.”

Grandpa said, “I’m sure that’s because you and Larry and your parents are always praying for them. And I pray for them as well.”

Lisa said, “I think you’re right, Grandpa. Well, I guess I better get going. Sam loves his walks. And we want to make sure that we get back to the house before it starts to snow.”

Grandpa said, “That’s a really good idea.”

Lisa said, “OK, Grandpa, we will come by after the snow ends.”

Grandpa said, “Thank you very much, Lisa. I really appreciate it.“


Lisa continued to walk down the street and said ‘hi’ to a few more of the neighbors on the way. Sam was really excited, but that was normal for him. Sam always loved his walks.

When Lisa got home, she talked to her mom and Larry about going over to see Frieda and Grandpa. Lisa said that both of them were doing just fine.

Mrs. Lewis said, “Lisa, that’s great that you stopped by to see how they were doing. By the way, Dad will be home a little bit early tonight because of the anticipated snowstorm. But we will probably eat dinner about the same time we usually do.”

Larry said, “I will be watching for the snowstorm to arrive. I’ll let you know when I see some snow.“

Lisa said, “I knew we could count on you.”

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