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Don't Worry

Larry woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. It wasn’t very loud. It didn’t need to be loud, because Larry had always been a very light sleeper. He knew that whenever the alarm went off, he would wake up.

It was late fall, almost winter. Larry’s dog, Sam, almost always slept in the basement during the summer. When it started to get cold in the fall, Sam would ask if he could sleep in Larry’s room with him. It wasn’t like the house was colder, well, maybe a little bit. Sam just knew that it was getting colder outside, and he decided he needed to be with his master to make sure he was OK. At least, that’s what Larry was thinking anyway.

When Larry took Sam for a walk on cold days, they didn’t stay out very long. Larry knew he was gonna have to wear his coat. He was sure that Sam was starting to get used to the colder air outside.

Larry sat on the side of his bed and looked at his buddy, and said, “Are you about ready to go for a walk, buddy?”

Sam knew he wasn’t supposed to bark when he was in the house. He had this little noise that he would make in response to anybody talking to him.

Larry put the leash on Sam, and they went over to the door to go outside. Just before he went out, Larry looked out the window and noticed that it was still pretty dark, so he grabbed his flashlight. As Larry went out into the yard with Sam, he noticed that it was snowing.

Larry said to Sam, “Did you know it was going to be snowing this morning?”

Since they were now outside, Sam knew he could give a little bark, but not very loud.

As Larry was walking down the street toward the park with Sam, the snow picked up a little bit. Larry knew it wasn’t going to stick because the temperature was above freezing. Larry did not remember anyone talking about the possibility of snow this morning.

Larry started thinking about the field trip. He couldn’t remember who it was, but one of the students asked what might happen if it rained. No one even considered the possibility that they might have to cancel or postpone the field trip because of snow.

Larry was starting to remember what it was like when they were over in Scotland. It wasn’t really a farm, but there were animals there. Larry wondered if he could do the same thing that Grandpa did with the sheep. He thought it would be really cool to show his friends. Like, Larry could walk over and ask the sheep if they wanted to stay with him, and the sheep would look at him kind of funny, and then turn around and walk away. Larry thought that would be cool, but what if it didn’t work? Then he would look like a real goofball. Larry would have to think about this some more before he actually tried it. That is, if they actually had any sheep on the farm.

Larry wondered what could they possibly be doing on the farm? Like, why is the class going there, anyway?

Larry thought it’d be a really cool time anyway, not being in school, but being outside and having fun. But there was still this thought in his mind that maybe there might be something special going on while they were at the farm. He was wondering if God was starting to talk to him again. Larry didn’t have a dream about it, but he thought God can talk to him other ways, too. And Lisa would be there, too, with her drawing materials. She could draw something really cool, and then maybe they would see what God was saying to them. Or maybe not.

Larry and Sam got to the park. It seemed like the sun was starting to come up. It was still snowing very lightly, but he knew they would still have a fun time. Larry and Sam went into the fenced area and played with a ball for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Then, Larry was getting cold, so he went back to the house with Sam.

In the house, Larry took the leash off his dog, but Sam decided he would just stay with Larry. Larry went into his room, sat on the side of his bed, and looked at the picture of Daniel in the lion's den. He started wondering. And wondering. And wondering.

Larry knew that Lisa was already up. She always was. She was in the bathroom, combing her hair and brushing her teeth and whatever else she does when she’s in there. Larry couldn’t figure out how it would take her more than about two minutes, but she was always there a lot longer than that. Larry was OK with that. He didn’t need much time before breakfast.

The whole time Larry was thinking, Sam was sitting right next to him, being a nice friend. Larry reached over and gave Sam a good little rub. Sam gave him the funny little noise again, saying that he really appreciated it.

Larry wondered why it was snowing.

When it was time for breakfast, Larry went into the kitchen. He saw that his mom and dad were there.

Larry said, “Mom and Dad, did you know that it was snowing this morning?”

Mr. Lewis said, “Well, I guess you could call that snow. It’s not sticking to the ground, so we don’t have to worry about having a hard time driving. Or you walking to school. Was Sam OK with the snow?”

Larry said with his quiet, sad voice, “I guess so.”

Mrs. Lewis said “Are you OK, Larry? It seems like you are walking around, thinking a lot, again.”

Larry said, “I’m really wondering what it’s going to be like going on this field trip. I mean, this isn’t the church. Am I allowed to say anything about nature and God creating things, and stuff like that? Are people going to be really upset with me? I know there’s been a lot of stuff that people have been saying, and we’re not really supposed to be talking about religion in school, and all that kind of stuff.”

Mr. Lewis said, “Don’t worry about the field trip. Just allow God‘s Holy Spirit to guide you. You’re not going to be preaching a sermon or trying to convert anybody. But there’s nothing wrong with talking about the fact that God has created something. And that you recognize the miracle of new birth - of things like seeds falling to the ground, and then trees growing up. That might be part of your lesson anyway.”

Larry thought, “Well, OK.”

Then Larry said, “Did I say that or was I just thinking it? “

Mr. Lewis said, “I know what you mean, Larry. Sometimes, I just wander around and think things, and words come out of my mouth, and I’m not realizing it either. You’re not going crazy.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “That’s for sure!”

Lisa said “I think that Larry … Umm … I guess I’m not supposed to be saying those kinds of things about Larry anymore.”

Larry said, “What is that supposed to mean?”

Mrs. Lewis said, “Breakfast is ready!”

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