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Servant Hearts

Lisa and her mom were talking about a Servant Heart project that their church was doing this fall.

Lisa said, “Mom, I am so glad that we can work on this project together. I know that the people at the rehab center and the nursing homes will really enjoy these crafts that we are making for them. Lots of moms are working on projects with their daughters.”

Lisa’s mom said, “I am pleased that you have a servant’s heart. I know that your creativity will be a huge benefit for this project.”

Lisa asked, “Do you think Frieda and her mom would enjoy doing the project with us? I really like Frieda and I would like to find some things that we can do together.”

Lisa‘s mom said, “Yes. That is a wonderful idea. I will call Frieda’s mom and see if they were planning to work on this project. If they are, we can invite them to come over to our house and work on the project together.“

Lisa said, “Thanks, Mom.“


Mrs. Lewis and Frieda’s mom agreed to work on the Servant Heart project together on Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Lewis said that she would go to the craft store and pick up some things. Frieda’s mom also agreed to bring over some things when she came on Saturday.

Mrs. Lewis greeted Frieda and her mom when they arrived on Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Lewis said, “It’s so nice of the two of you to come over and work on the Servant Heart project with us. It’s always much more fun when you can do these things with your friends.”

Frieda’s mom said, “Thank you for inviting us over. I know we will have a great time together.“

Before Frieda and her mom came over on Saturday, Lisa had sketched a few of the wreaths that she thought they would probably make. Lisa‘s mom thought it was a great idea for her to do that. And, of course, Lisa loved doing the sketches.

Frieda’s mom said, “Lisa, these are fantastic sketches. Frieda told me that you were very good, but I am still amazed at what you were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.“

Lisa said, “Thank you. I really appreciate the encouragement. I love doing sketches, especially when I know it’s going to bless someone.”

Lisa, Frieda and their moms spent several hours on Saturday afternoon putting together wreaths from the sketches that Lisa had done.

Just before Frieda and her mom left, Frieda suggested a special gift for one of their friends.

Frieda said, “I know we are doing these wreaths for the people at the rehab center and the nursing homes, however, I think it would be really nice if we could make one for Grandpa. He has done so much for us. He really does love us a lot. I think it would be a really neat idea to help him decorate his home for this fall. What do you all think?”

Frieda’s mom said, “Oh, Frieda, that is a really good idea for us to plan to make one for Grandpa. Lisa, would you do a special sketch for Grandpa? You and Frieda can put it together, perhaps tomorrow afternoon, and bring it over to Grandpa when he’s available.”

Lisa said, “Yes. That is a fantastic idea. I know that Grandpa would really enjoy getting a wreath from us. I think I could probably do a sketch this evening. Could someone take Frieda and me to the craft store tomorrow to get the things we need. Then we can do the wreath in the afternoon. We will need to make sure that Grandpa is available tomorrow for us to stop by. If we don’t see him at church tomorrow, we can call him on the phone. But I think he probably will be at church. I see him almost every Sunday.”

Frieda said, “That’s a great idea!”

Mrs. Lewis said to Frieda’s mom, “After church tomorrow, Frieda can ride with us in our car. We will stop at the store and pick up the things we need. Frieda can have lunch with us, and then the girls can put the wreath together at our house. How does that sound?”

Frieda’s mom responded, “Yes, I’m sure that will be fine. I’ll talk to my husband about it.”

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