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1. The Lions, the Locket, and the Letter


Larry and Lisa Lewis are twins. They love to hear stories from the Bible that talk about people who trust God to take care of them.


Just before the Lewis family was leaving to go on a trip to celebrate the kids’ sixth birthday, their family was reading about Daniel being saved from the lions. Larry was so excited that he asked his parents to help him find something that would continually remind him of God’s protection. Larry’s mom and dad said they would look for something like that for Larry’s birthday.


Lisa wasn’t sure what she wanted for her special birthday gift, but her parents knew it would end up being a piece of jewelry since that is all she ever asked for.


On the day the Lewis family was packing their car for their vacation, the kids were continually running out to the car with things they forgot to pack in their luggage. After about a half hour, the back seat was filled with so many things that Mrs. Lewis was wondering if there would be any room for the kids to sit.


Just before they pulled out of the driveway, Larry called out to his dad to stop the car. He said he forgot his writing tablet. Larry was just learning to write and he wanted to practice on their vacation. Larry’s mom and dad wanted him to have fun on their vacation, but they were pleased that he wanted to spend some of the time in the car practicing his writing so they waited for him to get his writing supplies.


For several hours in the car, Larry played a little game with his sister. Lisa looked out the window and called out an object she saw or a word on a sign. Larry repeated the word and then tried to write it on his tablet. Lisa started with what she thought were easy words. Larry had no problems writing them. Lisa clapped and said she would try some harder words. Once in a while Lisa looked at a word Larry wrote and snickered. She would say, “What is THAT?!!” Larry got mad, tore the paper out of his writing tablet and threw it on the floor.


When it appeared that the writing game was getting out of hand, Mr. Lewis said, “That’s the end of that game!”


The Lewis family pulled into a small town and stopped for lunch. After lunch, the family decided to look in a store close to the restaurant. Lisa’s eyes lit up when she found a display case filled with one-of-a-kind looking jewelry. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis ask the store owner if they could look more closely at a few of the less expensive items.


After what seemed to Larry to be about a thousand years, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis finally agreed to buy a locket for Lisa. Lisa started doing her “happy dance” which embarrassed Larry so he pulled his baseball cap down over his eyes.


Mrs. Lewis put the locket around Lisa’s neck. Lisa’s huge smile and seemingly endless thank-you’s embarrassed Larry even more, if that were possible. Lisa looked inside the locket and noticed that it was empty. Seeing her disappointed face, Mrs. Lewis told Lisa that they would try to find something special to put in it. This perked Lisa up a bit.


As they were getting back into the car, both Mr. and Mrs. Lewis had a disgusted look on their faces as they were reminded of how messy the back seat was. Mr. Lewis said, “The next time we stop, we have to find a way to put a lot of this stuff in the trunk.” His wife agreed.


When the family finally arrived at the vacation site, everyone was full of excitement. The hotel had a pool which was very welcomed after a long trip in the car during the hottest week so far that summer.


The next day, the family went on a day-long adventure visiting museums and searching local shops for exciting mementoes of their vacation. Mr. Lewis noticed that Larry started to loose his excitement. He asked, “What’s wrong, son? Aren’t you having fun?”


Larry couldn’t answer. It looked like he was about to cry.


Larry’s dad gave him a hug and said, “What is on your mind?”


Larry told his dad that he was concerned that he would not grow up to be as faithful as Daniel.


His dad said, “God will give you His Holy Spirit. He will give you reminders that He is always with you.”


Almost immediately, Larry felt comforted.


As they were talking, Mrs. Lewis and Lisa walked up. Larry’s mom had something in her hand. She said to Larry, “Look what I bought for you.”


As Larry looked at the framed picture, he started to cry again. But this time, Mr. Lewis knew that these were tears of joy.


The picture was showing Daniel in the lion’s den being protected by God’s angel. This was the perfect gift for little Larry. He could hang it in his room so that he would see it every night before he went to sleep, and he would wake up each day with a reminder of how powerful and kind his God is.


This was turning out to be a magnificent vacation for the whole family.


When the family returned home, the back seat of the car was still a disaster area, but not near as bad as the start of their vacation. It took the kids hours to get all their stuff back into the house.


That night, as Lisa was getting ready for bed, she couldn’t find her new locket. She looked all over her room, in her luggage, all along the path to the front door, in the front yard, in the back seat of the car, in the trunk of the car - still no locket.


Lisa came back into the house devastated. The rest of the family started looking for the locket with her. After a couple of hours, still no locket.


Larry had retired to his room and his dad found him writing a letter. When his dad ask what he was doing, Larry said, “Dad, I am not a very good writer, but I am believing that God is a really good reader. I am not sure how to send it to Him, but I am sure you can help.”


Larry’s dad read the letter. This is what it said:



I know you love your children.

You helpd Danyel.

Plese help my sister.

Send a anjel or Holey Spiret to find her lockit.

Thanks lots,



Larry’s dad said, “Yes. God is a good reader. I believe He already read your letter and help is on the way. That was a great letter you wrote.”


When Lisa woke up the next morning, she was believing that something good would happen that day. She went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror to comb her hair. She couldn’t believe what she saw. She thought she was still asleep. The locket was around her neck. She stood there looking in the mirror, afraid to touch it with her hands. She was sure it would disappear.


Lisa’s mom came into the bathroom and noticed that she was staring in the mirror.


Lisa’s mom said, “Great! I see you found your locket. Where was it?”


Lisa still couldn’t move or speak.


Lisa’s mom asked, “Are you okay?”


Lisa finally reached down and touched her locket. She quietly said, “It really is there.” Then she started to tear up.


Larry was still in his room. He had been awake almost all night. When the sun came up, he could see the picture of Daniel in the lions’ den. It seemed somewhat different than what he remembered from the night before. He kept staring at one of the angel’s hands. The angel was holding his hand so that it looked like a fist with his thumb pointing straight up.

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