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Don't lose your focus

I was still in Baker Park. I continued to watch as some played games, and others enjoyed walking in the cool of the morning.

"Don't loose your focus. Believe in the dream the Father put in your heart. Stay close to the Father, because He wants to dream with you."

My attention was drawn to a girl who was about 10 years old. She seemed to be wandering around by herself. I was sure that someone brought her to the park, but it was not obvious to me who she was with. Eventually, she made her way to the tennis courts. She started bouncing a tennis ball with other young girls, and then with a man that I concluded was her father. Even while she was playing with her father, she was easily distracted by the people who were walking by. I was pleased to see the two walk hand-in-hand across the grass toward the Band Shell.

Several couples were starting to play bocce, so I watched them. In a few minutes, the little girl and her father appeared at the bocce ball court. As I left, they were preparing to play a game together.

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