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Learn about Lewis Twins and Friends

"Lewis Twins and Friends" is a series of books that help children learn how God cares for them.  Larry, Lisa and their friends learn from experiences, and gentle guidance from their parents, teachers, and other caring adults in their neighborhood. Some of their experiences include dreams and quiet impressions from God's Spirit.

As the books are published, the links will appear on the Children's Books page or sub-pages. A short description of each published book is listed below.

Book 1 - Send Help

Even at the age of six, the warrior spirit within Larry is rising.  He wants to be the soldier that God created him to be, but he realizes he is not prepared. Join Larry, Lisa and their friends as they learn that God is always ready to send help whenever we call.

Book 2 - Early Start

Larry and Lisa started early in the race of life. They are learning to benefit from the helpers God gives them. Grandpa is not just a storyteller, but also a good friend. Can Larry and Lisa learn to stay true to God and their friends?

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