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The Confession

Larry asked, “What do you think of my story?”
Mary exclaimed, “Wow, Larry. That was a VERY exciting story.”

Charlie asked, “What are we supposed to learn from the story, Larry?”

Larry said, “What do you think about that guy, Franco, out by the street? Did it seem like he was having a problem with pride?”

Lisa said, “Yeah, Larry. It was pretty obvious. So, why didn’t Franco realize that he was proud? Or was he OK with being proud? And why was Mr. Smith-burger nice to him?”

Larry paused for a short time, and then he said, “Umm, I guess I need some help, Grandpa.”

Grandpa said, “Do any of you kids feel like you have a problem with pride?”

Henry responded, “Grandpa, I never really thought about whether I was proud or not. How am I EVER going to figure THAT out?”

Larry said, “I have a confession to make. You know the guy in the story, Franco? Well, that’s me. I was over here, talking to Grandpa. He was helping me realize that it’s difficult to see pride in yourself, but you can see it in a lot of other people. Have any of you seen what looked like pride in me? I really want to know. I trust you guys as friends. Please tell me. And I’m ready to listen, now.”

Charlie said, “You have been acting like your special. Like today, going over and talking to Grandpa before the meeting started. You seem to be doing that a lot, lately.”

George said, “And you exaggerate when you tell people our fishing stories. Lots of people do that, but you wanted to know some examples.“

Larry said, “Thanks. I appreciate you guys being honest with me. I want to change.”

Henry said, “Maybe, I have been proud, too. Please let me know if you guys recognize pride in me.“

Grandpa said, “We all need help, from time to time, recognizing pride in our hearts. As friends, you can help each other.”

Lisa said, “As girls, we have problems with pride, too. We also need to help each other.”

Janet said, “You’re right about that, Lisa. That was a great story, Larry. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.“

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