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Wasp's Nest

Grandpa started to realize that his enemy today was bigger than he thought. While he was trimming the shrubs, Larry arrived before the scheduled time.
Larry was in a happy mood, as usual. He said, “Hi, Grandpa, are you having fun trimming shrubs?”

Grandpa responded, “Hi, Larry. What do you have planned for today before you come to my house to hear the new story?”

Larry looked at the shrubs and said, “How long do you think it’s going to take you to do this, Grandpa?”

Grandpa looked at his progress, and what was left to do. Then, he said, “I don’t know, Larry. I’m wondering if I’m going to be able to finish this task before you and your friends come this afternoon. There are some shrubs in the back that need trimming as well.”

Larry asked, “Can I watch?”

Grandpa kept trimming and did not respond.

Larry continued with his endless questions, “Have you ever had any problems while you were trimming the bushes? What could possibly go wrong as long as you’re careful not to cut your arm off?”

Grandpa responded, “I guess I’ll have to be careful, and not cut my arm off. I had some problems while I was trimming in the past. I was thinking this morning that I should check to see if there are any wasp nests in the shrubs before I start.”

Larry laughed and said, “A wasp’s nest? I haven’t seen any wasps anywhere near your house, or in your neighbor’s yard. When did you have problems with wasps?”

Grandpa replied, “My wife and I lived in a house that backed up to a wooded area. There were a lot of wasps, bees, and other insects that were always trouble for us.”

Larry asked, “Why didn’t you check carefully for wasp’s nests before you started trimming your hedges at the other house?”

Grandpa responded, “Hmmm. I think I’m gonna wait to answer that question. I may be able to incorporate that into my story this afternoon.”

Larry asked, “I was sure you already finished writing your story for today. Are you going to make some last-minute changes?”

Grandpa said, “I am not saying any more than that.“

Larry said, “Come on, Grandpa, you can let me in on it before the rest of the guys get here.”

Grandpa responded, “If I do that, Larry, then you won’t be surprised with the rest of the children.“

Larry said, “I still think you should give me a clue. But if you’re not, I guess that’s OK.”

Grandpa continued trimming the shrubs.

Larry said, “Well, Grandpa, I guess I better let you get back to trimming your shrubs, so that you can be ready for our story this afternoon. Have fun. I’ll see you this afternoon at 3:00 when the rest of the guys get here.”

Grandpa responded, “OK, Larry. See you then.”

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