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Being Led

When Lisa arrived home with the pictures she borrowed from Grandpa, Mrs. Lewis asked, “Back so soon? Did you find some interesting pictures at Grandpa’s house?”
Lisa responded, “Yes, I did, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “You have a caring heart. God will lead you.”

Lisa went into her room by herself, closed the door, and set the pictures on the table next to her window. Lisa said quietly, “I know I can draw, but how do I put love into my sketches?”

She looked at each one of the pictures very carefully, thinking about what it must have been to be with Grandpa in the years past. Lisa spoke louder than before, “Was this what it was like for the people in the Bible when they felt the presence of Holy Spirit for the first time?”

No one responded.

After about a half an hour, Larry went to Lisa’s bedroom door and knocked.

When Lisa opened the door, Larry asked, “Hi, Lisa, are you OK? I was wondering what you are planning to do this afternoon. Are you going to start your sketches or do you wanna go to the playground with me?”

Lisa answered, “I thought I might start my sketches today, but after looking at each one of these pictures, I decided I need to spend more time figuring out what I want to sketch. Going to the playground sounds like a good idea. Maybe I’ll get some ideas about sketching things on the playground as well.”

When Larry and Lisa arrived at the playground, several of their friends greeted them. George said, “So here you guys are. I was wondering what happened to you.”

Larry responded, “We went over to Grandpa’s house. Lisa wanted to borrow a few of his pictures. She is going to do some sketching, and she wanted to include some things from Grandpa’s life.”

George said, “That’s great. Lisa, are you planning to give Grandpa one of your sketches, like maybe for his birthday or something?”

Lisa said, “Thanks, George. That’s a good idea. I wonder when Grandpa’s birthday is. Does anyone remember him mentioning his birthday?”

Janet overheard the conversation and said, “I think you can give Grandpa a sketch any old time. He would love it.”

Lisa said, “He has been such a nice person and caring for us. I want to give him something that will be special. Not that I have to. I just want to. I guess that’s what loving your neighbor is.”

Lisa and her friends talked some more about the possibility of giving different kinds of gifts to Grandpa. Lisa liked all of the ideas, but none of them seemed just right.

Lisa said, “There is something down deep inside that is leading me to create something extra special for Grandpa. Something that will give him joy every day of his life.”

Sally said, “Lisa, do you think you can do that?”

Lisa responded, “I hope so. I guess I will go back home, now.“

Larry said, “OK. I’m gonna stay here and play on the playground.”

After Lisa left, George said, “Lisa is acting stranger than usual. Do you think she’s alright?”

Larry answered, “I think so. I’ll keep an eye on her.“

Lisa went home, went into her room by herself, and closed the door. Lisa sat on the chair and looked at each of the pictures that she had borrowed from Grandpa. She looked at the first one, then the second one, then the third one, then the fourth one.

Lisa looked at the fifth picture. She said, “Your wife was beautiful. Do you really want me to try to make a drawing that touches your heart? What would that look like?“

Lisa closed her eyes and tried to imagine Grandpa, his wife and his dog having fun together. After a few minutes, Lisa started to cry. Lisa asked Jesus, “Is this how Grandpa is feeling now? What are you asking me to do?”

Lisa was not sure that she heard an answer from Jesus, but she knew that she would understand soon. When she asked Jesus to help her through her difficult decisions, He always did.

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