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Shall We Continue?

Right after breakfast, Grandpa received a phone call from Larry.
Larry said, “Happy New Years, Grandpa. Did you have a fun evening last night?”

Grandpa answered, “I just stayed home and relaxed, and had a good night sleep. I guess that is what grandpas do. How about you?”

Larry was slow in responding. “I have been thinking a lot about the story that you shared with us in children’s ministry yesterday, Grandpa. When do you think you will be able to tell us the next chapter? A few of the kids asked me if I would call you.”

Grandpa responded, “I guess we will wait until this coming Saturday, at our usual time. Is that OK with you and your friends?”

It was another unexpected pause before Larry responded. “Well, we were hoping maybe you would be able to share more of the story with us sooner than that. We really like the story, and we have been asking each other questions that we don’t have any answers to.”

Grandpa asked, “What questions do you have?”

Larry responded, “The first one is: what about the accident? And why did Albert bring candy over to his friend instead of his friend going with him to the store to buy the candy?”

Grandpa said, “I guess it must be a good story, because it’s holding your attention. When did you want me to continue with this story?”

Larry replied, “How about this afternoon, or do you have something else you were planning to do?”

Grandpa said, “The next part of the story might seem to be disturbing to some of the children. I was hoping to have more time to consider how to share the next chapter.“

Larry said, “What? I thought you already had the whole story figured out, and maybe even written down. That’s what you do, right?”

Grandpa said, “For some stories, I make them up as I go. Others, I must spend some time thinking about how to tell them.”

Larry asked, “Are the people in this story made up, or are they people you know?”

Grandpa responded, “Why would you ask that? Does this story seem different?”

Larry said, “Actually, it does. You’re telling this story like you’re part of it. I like your other stories, but this one seems very different.”

Grandpa said, “Some of my stories are based on experiences that I’ve had. If I tell you more about this story, it will ruin it for you. I know how you love suspense.”

Larry said, “Not that much suspense. I am sure that you will come up with a good way to share this story. You always do.”

Grandpa said, “Thanks, Larry. I appreciate your enthusiasm, and your trust in me to come up with interesting stories.”

Larry said, “Even if there are parts in the story that are scary or hard to understand, I’m sure you will do a good job.“

Grandpa said, “Thanks. I will be available this afternoon at 3 PM for you and your friends to stop by my house.”

Larry said, “That’s great, Grandpa. I will tell my friends.”

After Grandpa hung up the phone, he prayed, “Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to continue to be a part of these precious children’s lives. Please give me wisdom to be able to tell the rest of this story in a way that will bring You glory.“

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