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The Last Good-bye

As the family was eating breakfast, Mr. Lewis asked, “Larry, were you able to go back to sleep last night?”

Larry answered, “I don’t think so. I thought I might be very tired this morning, but I feel rested.“

Lisa said, “Are you sure you didn’t doze off for at least a short time? I was very concerned that you would be totally wiped out this morning.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “Since it is Saturday, you can go to Charlie’s house if you want to.“

Larry responded, “Maybe not right away. I think I need to go out in the backyard and sit by myself. Lisa, that seems to help you, doesn’t it?”

Lisa said, “I find it to be very relaxing. And sometimes I hear God speaking to me. Maybe He wants to speak to you in the backyard, too.”

Larry went out into the backyard, sat on the bench, and looked at the mountains in the distance.

Mr. Lewis said, “I think we need to give Larry some time to think. I’m sure he will be OK.“

Late in the morning, Mrs. Lewis received a call from Larry’s friend’s mom.

The friend’s mom said, “Larry has been praying for and visiting Charlie’s grandmother recently. I don’t know if he told you, but she’s been very sick, and Larry was praying that she would understand who Jesus is, and what He has done for her.”

Larry’s mom responded, “Thank you for calling. Larry was very concerned for her, but he didn’t tell us very much.”

The friend’s mom said, “Charlie’s grandmother died in the middle of the night, last night. The family believes that the grandmother accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior before she died. We wanted to make sure that Larry knew that.”

Mrs. Lewis went into the backyard to talk to Larry, “I just received a phone call from Charlie‘s mom.”

Larry interrupted, “I know, Mom. My friend’s grandmother died last night, didn’t she?”

Mrs. Lewis said, “Yes. I am sorry that we did not know that she was so sick. How did you know that she died? “

Larry answered, “Please forgive me, Mom. I knew the grandmother was very sick, but I didn’t tell you.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “That’s OK, Larry. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you should share with others.“

Larry continued, “My dream last night was from God to help me deal with the loss of Charlie’s precious grandmother. She was so kind, but she did not believe that she was good enough to go to Heaven. I told her it was OK. I told her that accepting Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was more important than anything she could do.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “It’s wonderful that you were sharing your heart with her, and you’re understanding of who Jesus is.”

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