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A Good Example

Larry said, “That was a strange story that we heard in children’s ministry today. Why would anybody think that they could build something all the way to heaven? I don’t even know how high that is.“

Mr. Lewis said, “When you are proud, you have some very crazy thoughts that no one seems to be able to correct.”

Lisa said, “I was very surprised that God needed to change the way people speak to each other, so that they would stop building. I guess it was a real shock when people started saying things that seemed like mumbo-jumbo.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “Even when people think that they’re speaking the same language, there can be some confusion. We’ve noticed that.”

Lisa said, “I have a new friend at school. Her family recently moved here from Germany. She speaks English, but the kids make fun of the way she says things.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “I can see how that might happen.“

Lisa said, “I would like to visit Frieda this afternoon. Is that OK?”

Mrs. Lewis said, “Yes. I think that would be very kind. It sounds like Frieda needs some encouragement.“

When Lisa went to Frieda’s house, Frieda said, “Hi, Lisa. Thanks for stopping by. Come and meet my parents.“

Frieda’s mom said, “Frieda told us a lot about you. She says you’re the only one that doesn’t make fun of the way she speaks.“

Lisa said, “I tell the other kids that they need to give Frieda more time to adjust to the way we speak. But that doesn’t seem to help very much.”

Frieda’s dad said, “We all appreciate your kindness. We know it isn’t easy for you to stand alone against the other kids.“

Lisa said, “I don’t like to think of it this way, but they’re just being jerks.”

Frieda’s dad said, “When I was working in Europe, I was frequently surprised at the confusion there would be in conversations. We all spoke English, but there were still misunderstandings.”

Frieda said, “I learned English when I was in Germany, and I got very good grades. I don’t understand why I still struggle.”

Lisa said, “It seems to me like people want to come up with a reason to get upset. It’s like they’re not trying very hard to understand the other person.”

Frieda’s dad said, “Lisa, few children your age understand that.”

Lisa said, “I want to be able to help the other children. Jesus says we should be a good example to others.“

Frieda’s dad said, “They must have some really good teachers at your church. We should consider going there.”

Frieda said, “I would like that Mom and Dad. From what Lisa tells me about her children’s ministry, I think I would enjoy those kids.”

Frieda’s mom said, “I would like to visit your church, too.”

When Lisa returned home from visiting Frieda, she noticed that Larry was building something with his Legos.

Larry said, “I took all of my Legos apart, and I’m going to use the pieces to build a super tall building.”

Lisa asked, “Why are you going to do that?”

Larry responded, “I am going to challenge my friends to try to build a tower taller than mine. No one can build one taller than I can.”

Lisa said, “Wow, Larry! Didn’t you learn anything from the Bible lesson today? I don’t want to be anywhere near you when your pride crashes down with your Lego tower.”

Mr. Lewis interrupted, “Lisa, you may be right, but your response is not one of love.”

Lisa answered, “I guess so, Dad. I need to learn from this lesson, myself.”

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