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A Rough Ride

In the evening, after a history lesson at school, Larry was sitting in his room staring at his “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” picture on the wall. Larry was wondering what it was like to be fearless during the time of the Pilgrims. He looked at the lions, then at Daniel, then at the angel.

Larry also remembered the story of David. He was fearless. He took on the battle with a lion, a bear and Goliath - and won each time. Larry wondered why David was fearless and successful, but others didn’t even want to try. What did young David have that mighty warriors did not have? Larry wondered if God could give the same thing to him, and did God want to give it to him.

The next day was Saturday. Larry was invited to go with a friend and his dad on a fishing trip. Larry answered the phone, “I will be ready to go when you get here. See you soon.”

When George and his dad picked up Larry, Mr. Lewis said, “Have fun, Larry. I hope you catch a lot of fish.” Larry responded, “Yeah. More than the last time we went fishing.”

The weather where the Lewis family now lives is very unpredictable. Mr. Lewis knew that, and George’s dad knew it even better. The weather forecast was for a slight chance of rain, but if they waited for a “really good day” they would never go fishing.

When the boat was at George’s dad’s favorite place, he said to the boys, “Remember how I showed you to put the bait on the hook. We have smart fish. Sometimes they’re able to get the bait off the hook without getting caught.” The boys laughed.

After a short time, George said, “Hey, Larry. I think I got one.” Larry came over to help George. Larry said, “Don’t let it get away.” When George pulled his line in, there wasn’t anything on the hook. Larry said, “I thought you had that one.“

George’s dad said, “Stick with it, boys. Looks like I’m having some problems myself.“

When the clouds rolled in, George’s dad knew it was time to stop fishing. He said, “Boys, prepare for a rough ride back. Secure the fishing gear and then hold on tight.”

George’s dad began the engine startup. After a few minutes, he realized that the engine was not going to start.

George said, “What’s wrong, Dad?” George’s dad responded, “The engine won’t start, but that’s OK. We’ll just wait out the storm here. Don’t be afraid. We will be safe.”

Larry could see that George was not quite as confident as his dad was. Larry said, “Hang in there, George. Your dad knows what he’s doing.”

The wind kicked up and they could see lightning strikes not far away. George’s dad said, “We are still doing fine. Don’t be frightened.”

God’s Holy Spirit reminded Larry that he was not alone. Larry cried out in a loud voice, “Jesus, give me courage like David to defeat this enemy of fear!” Larry felt peace come upon him. Larry was surprised to see that George was also much calmer.

The storm lasted about a half an hour. After the storm passed, George’s dad said, “I called for help. Someone will be here soon.”

When Larry arrived home, his dad asked him, “Were you frightened during the storm?” Larry responded, “I was for a while, but then I asked Jesus to help me to be calm, and He did.”

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