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The Princess

A few weeks before school started, the Lewis family moved to a new town. Mrs. Lewis took Larry and Lisa to meet their new teacher and to get acquainted with their new school. Larry was very excited about everything he saw, but Lisa seemed unexpectedly quiet.

After they returned home, Lisa’s mom asked her how she was feeling. Lisa said, “I’m OK.” Mrs. Lewis and Larry suspected there was something bothering Lisa and they didn’t know why she wouldn’t talk about it.

At the dinner table, Mr. Lewis asked the kids what they thought of their new school and teacher. Larry started talking a-mile-a-minute, and could hardly stay in his seat.

Mr. Lewis recognized that Lisa was very quit. “Are you concerned that the kids in your new school will not like you?” Lisa nodded, barely looking at her dad.

Over the few days remaining before school started, Lisa’s family tried to draw her out. Lisa still didn’t share how she was feeling.

On the first day of school, Lisa told her family, “I want everyone to see my new locket.” When they arrived at school, the teacher greeted the twins by name and encouraged the other students to welcome them. When Lisa realized that all the other students knew each other, she became even more concerned with her acceptance.

During the first break of the morning, a few of the girls approached Lisa and teased her. One of the girls asked, “Are you a princess?” Lisa pretended that it didn’t bother her, but Larry quietly asked her, “Are you doing OK?” Lisa said, “Sure.”

Before lunch, the teacher announced, “We are going to start an art project.” Some students were hesitant, thinking that their lack of talent would be obvious. Lisa noticed that one of the girls needed some encouragement, so she sat next to her.

Quickly, it became obvious to her whole class that Lisa was very talented in drawing. A few of the students went over to Lisa. One of the girls said, “You really are talented. We would love to have you give us some tips.” Lisa responded, “Sure. I will help you.”

Just before the class broke for lunch, one of the girls that teased Lisa about her locket, stopped by her desk. The girl said, “Just as I thought. You are a princess! You wear a locket. You are left handed, and your drawing is so good it puts the rest of us to shame!”

Lisa wanted to go home right away, but she knew the day was just half over. She wondered if anyone would want to sit with her in the cafeteria.

Lisa had the left-overs from the previous night for her lunch. One of the cafeteria helpers assisted Lisa as she warmed her lunch in the micro-wave. One of the girls from Lisa’s class asked her, “Do you want to sit with us?” Lisa responded, “Thanks. I will be right over.”

Lisa said to her friends, “I love to help my mom cook. This is what we had last night for dinner.” One of the girls said, “It looks delicious. I like to help my mom cook, also. I want to be a chef when I grow up.”

Another girl asked Lisa about her locket. Lisa started to tell the story about losing it. Someone asked, “How did you find your locket?” Lisa answered, “I still don’t know. It seemed to mysteriously appear around my neck the next morning. All I know is that my brother asked God to help us find it.”

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