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Is It Real?

When the family returned home, Mrs. Lewis said, “Kids, bring all your stuff into your rooms. Lisa said, “OK, Mom.” Then Lisa said to Larry, “You made a big mess.” Larry shot back, “You have a lot more stuff than I do.”

That night, as Lisa was getting ready for bed, she cried out, “Oh, no. Where is my locket?” She looked everywhere, but she could not find her locket. The rest of the family started helping Lisa look for her locket.

After everyone was tired, Mr. Lewis found Larry writing a letter in his bedroom. Larry said, “Dad, I am not a very good writer, but I am believing that God is a good reader. I don’t know how to send my letter to God, but you can help.”

After Larry’s dad read the letter, he said, “Yes. God is a good reader. I believe He already read your letter and help is on the way. That was a great letter you wrote.”

When Lisa woke up the next morning, she whispered, “I know something good will happen today.” When she went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, she couldn’t believe that the locket was around her neck. She was afraid to touch it.

Mrs. Lewis looked in the bathroom and noticed that Lisa was staring in the mirror. She said, “Great! I see you found your locket. Where was it?”

After Lisa didn’t respond, her mom asked, “Are you okay?” As Lisa touched the locket, she quietly said, “Is it really there.” Then she started to cry.

As the sun was coming up, Larry still had not slept. He could see the picture of Daniel in the lions’ den. Larry said to himself, “Something is different.” He kept staring at one of the angel’s hands. The angel was holding his hand so that it looked like a fist, with his thumb pointing straight up.

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