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Love Your Neighbor

1. What is love?


When the Lewis family arrived home from church, Lisa seemed to be very quiet, which was unusual for her.


Then, Lisa said, “Mom and Dad, we had an interesting story in children’s ministry today. They were talking about what it was like right after Jesus went back to Heaven. The Holy Spirit came to the people, and they were all excited about what was happening.”


Mr. Lewis said, “That sounds like a very interesting story. Do you believe it really happened?”


Lisa replied, “I think it probably did. But then there was something else that started to happen that I was very curious about. It says later in Acts, chapter 2, that all of the people had everything in common, and were sharing things with each other, whenever they saw that someone had a need. But I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to do that.”


Mrs. Lewis said. “You know, Lisa, the things that we have to give to others is not just money and land. Those things were listed in the Bible because it was very common for adults to own property. But that doesn’t mean that everything a person shares has to be something that is physically owned.


Mr. Lewis added, “Lisa, why don’t you consider using your drawing skills. Consider how you can use your skills to love your neighbor.”


Lisa responded, “Thanks, Mom and Dad. I really like that idea.”


After thinking for a moment, Lisa said to Larry, “Doesn’t Grandpa have a lot of pictures sitting on some of his tables in the living room? Maybe I could borrow a few of them and practice doing some sketches. I am not sure how to share this skill with others, but I think I need to practice doing sketches of a lot of different things.”


Larry responded, “Yea, that’s a really good idea, Lisa. How about if you and I stop by his house this afternoon, and talk to him about letting you borrow some of his pictures?”


Lisa asked, “Do you think that will be OK, Mom and Dad? That is, if we just pop over to see Grandpa. Or should we call him on the phone first?”


Mr. Lewis responded, “It would be a good idea to call him first, but I’m sure he’s probably available this afternoon.”


When Larry and Lisa called Grandpa, he said he was available, and he would love to have them stop by for a visit.


Larry also invited his friend Charlie to go with them. Charlie said he would meet them at Grandpa’s house.

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