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Is It Fair

1. The Twin’s Project


Larry woke up on Wednesday morning earlier than he usually does to go to school. Larry was a little bit nervous about trying to pick out something to make or do for the school fair. A little bit nervous was the way Larry described it when his parents asked him how he was feeling the night before. If you had asked Larry’s sister, Lisa, she would’ve said he was a total wreck.


Larry thought getting up early was a really good idea because he could go into the bathroom before his sister did. Larry went over to the bathroom door and found that it was already closed. Larry knocked on the door.


No answer, so Larry asked, “Lisa, are you in there already? I got up early so that I could get in the bathroom before you.”


Lisa spoke through the door, “I always get up this early. You’re the one that just gets up a few minutes before you have to eat breakfast.”


Larry dropped his head, turned around, and went back to his room.


Larry looked at the picture of Daniel in the Lions Den. Larry said to the picture, quietly, “Well, Daniel, looks like you got it easy!”


Yeah, Larry was a total wreck!


After what seemed to Larry to be about 10 million years (that’s usually what Larry says when he gets very impatient), Lisa finally came out of the bathroom and went back into her bedroom.


Larry ran into the bathroom, and did his normal almost nothing to get ready. Then he went into the kitchen to eat breakfast.


Mrs. Lewis looked over at Larry when he came into the kitchen. She said, “Larry, have you figured out what you are going to do for the school fair?”


Larry was more pleasant than he was the night before.


Larry responded to his mom, “Yes, Mom. I’ve decided what I’m going to do for the school fair… Nothing!“


Larry’s mom continued to fix the breakfast. It was almost ready.


Larry’s dad walked in to eat breakfast. He tried to eat breakfast with his family at least a few days a week.


Mr. Lewis addressed his son, “Larry, I know you aren’t excited about this fair at school. But you need to come up with something to do. All of the children at your school are going to contribute to the fair.“


Larry said, “Before I went to sleep last night, I wrote down every single thing I thought I would be able to do in the period of time that I have before the fair starts.”


Lisa walked in as Larry was talking. Lisa asked, “So, Larry, how many things do you have on your list?”


Larry pulled out a small piece of paper that was about the size of a small sticky note. Lisa was sitting close to Larry at the table and could see that there was almost nothing written on the teeny-weenie, itty-bitty, piece of paper.


Lisa said, “You know, Larry, if you needed a larger piece of paper, I could’ve given you one.”


Mrs. Lewis tried to bring some peace to the situation. She said, “Lisa, I think you need to allow Larry to give us his ideas instead of giving him a hard time.”


Mr. Lewis agreed, “Yes. Larry, we are all ears.”


Larry said, “Recently, I have been learning about some famous poets. I think when I grow up, I want to be a poet. So, what I’ve decided I’m going to do for the fair is … I’m going to write a poem. I’m not quite sure what the poem is going to be about, but it’ll be about our school, or what’s going on in our town, or something like that. What do you think?”


Mr. Lewis encouraged Larry, “Very good. I think that would be a fantastic thing to contribute to the fair.”


Mrs. Lewis agreed, “I also think that would be wonderful. You recently wrote a couple of poems, and you showed them to me and your dad. We both thought they were very good.”


Lisa said to her brother, “Wow, Larry! You actually came up with a really good idea!“


Lisa added, “How about this Larry? I was planning to draw something. You can take a look at what I’ve drawn, and write a poem about it. How does that sound to you?“


Larry responded, “Ahh. OK. But I want you to finish your drawing in plenty of time for me to write my poem. I’m not like one of those super fast writers. You know, the ones that can write a poem in one day or something. Like, maybe, Edgar… Allan… whatever his name is.”


Lisa said, “Don’t worry about that. You’ll have plenty of time to write your poem. I’m almost finished doing my drawing right now. As a matter of fact, I was thinking about showing it to the teacher, maybe tomorrow.“


Mr. Lewis responded, “That is really nice that the two of you are working together. Most of the time you’re just teasing each other. It’s good to see that brother and sister really want to help each other.“


Mrs. Lewis said, “Yes, I agree with your dad. The two of you have started to treat each other much better recently.”


Then, Mrs. Lewis added, “I guess we should start eating breakfast now, so that you two can go to school, and Dad can go to work.”


For once, in over a week, Larry actually had a smile on his face. He and Lisa walked to school and had a very nice conversation. Lisa told Larry what her drawing was, so that he could start thinking about writing his poem right away. She promised that she would be able to show him the completed drawing within a day or two.

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