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Time Tunnel

5. God’s plan


I said, “Let me remind you all where we are in the story. Albert is recalling the accident that caused his friend’s injury.


‘Mom, Alex really is the one who should be running around, and I should be the one in the bed. But I know that Alex was willing to help me. If he didn’t, I probably wouldn’t even be alive now.’”




Albert’s mom looked at him very lovingly and said, “I know this is really hard for you. No one can fully understand the plan God, but He really is a good God.


“God doesn’t want anybody to suffer. God doesn’t want anybody to die. But because there is sin in the world, there are some things that happen that are not in God’s perfect plan. For reasons that are sometimes beyond our understanding, God does allow things like what happened to your friend.”


Albert asked his really hard question, “So does that mean that Alex is better than I am because he was willing to sacrifice for me?”


Albert’s mom answered, “I don’t want you to think that God is not pleased with you. You didn’t have the opportunity to be able to risk your life for your friend like Alex did. So at this point, there’s no way for you to know how you would have responded.”


Albert thought on that one for a little bit. As he was thinking, a peace came over him.


Then, Albert said, “Mom, if I ever have the opportunity to risk my life for my friend, I am believing that God will give me the courage to do that. Before the accident occurred, I am sure I would not have had the courage to do what Alex did. But now I think I do. I asked Jesus to remove my trust in myself, and replace it with a trust in Him.”


Albert’s mom smiled, and it looked like she also was starting to cry.


Albert said, “Mom, I didn’t want to make you cry.”


His mom responded, “It’s OK, Albert. These are tears of joy. I know you might not be able to understand why, but the greatest thing that the Lord can give a parent is the opportunity to see their children putting their trust in Jesus. This is just the beginning of your journey with your life with Jesus, but I am so glad that your dad and I can be here to help you.”




Peter said, “Wow! What an amazing change! Can Jesus really change someone that quickly?”


I answered, “Sometimes it is very quickly, and other times it seems like it might never happen. God works in people’s hearts in many different ways. Do any of you have an experience with seeing how God worked in the heart of someone that you love?”


Charlie responded, “My grandmother was a really sweet woman. She did a lot of really nice things for a lot of people. She lived with me and my family.


“A short time ago, my grandmother got very sick and we thought she might die very soon. Larry, who lives down the street from me, came over and was praying with us for my grandmother.


“Grandmother was kinda confused about thinking that she had to do a lot of really good things to be able to go to Heaven, but Larry was able to help her understand that nobody is perfect, and that we need to put our trust in Jesus. He is the one who takes away all of the things we do that are not pleasing to him.


“We prayed for Grandmother for a very long time, and we were concerned that she might die before she accepted Jesus. Then, Larry said something to her that seemed to click. She told us that she finally understood that nothing she could do would make her right with God, because Jesus had already done it for her.


“In the middle of the next night, Grandmother died. We now have hope that we will see her again in Heaven.”


I said, “Thanks, Charlie. That was an amazing testimony. We really appreciate you sharing that with us. We know that was very hard for you to talk about. And thank you, Larry, for being available to share the Good News with Charlie’s grandmother.”


I wrapped up our time by saying, “I really appreciate all of you sticking with the story. I hope you really enjoyed it. We can schedule another time real soon on a Saturday afternoon for you to come back to visit me. I hope to have another exciting story to tell you all.”


All of the kids said in unison, “Thanks, Grandpa!”

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