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Time Tunnel

4. A look back


Just before Albert walked into his house, he wiped his tears from his eyes. He didn’t want his mom to see that he had been crying.


Albert loved his mom and dad very much, and trusted them to the degree that he could trust anybody. Albert was just a little bit not sure of how he was going to talk to anybody about how he was feeling.


Albert’s mom greeted him.


“So,” his mom said, “How is Alex doing today? I know you stopped there because you can’t hardly walk by his house without at least stopping in to say ‘Hi’”.


Albert responded, “Yeah, Alex is doing very well today. He said that he might even be able to walk a couple steps tomorrow. I know his physical therapist has been working on his legs and he’s even been able to stand up for a short time, but walking, that would be miraculous.”


Albert’s mom looked carefully into his face, and said, “You know, God really is a God of miracles. I’m not quite sure why we don’t see very many miracles. But there’s no reason for us to stop believing in them.”


Albert was having a real difficult time holding the tears back, so he just let a few of them come out.


Albert’s mom saw the tears. She knew that Albert was very happy that his friend might be able to walk soon, but she also knew there was a lot more going on inside.


Albert’s mom decided to take the big step.


She said to Albert, “Do you think very much about the accident?”


It was also a really big step for Albert to decide to talk about it.


Albert quietly replied, “For quite some time I just haven’t been thinking about the accident, so I thought everything was going really well for me. But recently there seems to be some reason why I need to start sharing with somebody how I’m feeling. I think God wants to do some kind of healing inside. But I don’t know really what that means.”


Albert’s mom came over to him and gave him a little hug. Albert loved that his mom and dad give him hugs. Some of his friends never get hugs from their mom or dad. Albert consider himself to be extremely blessed from God. Albert was happy for Alex because his mom and dad gave really good hugs, too. When he was over at Alex’s house, it was almost like he had a second mom.


Albert’s mom said, “One of the things you’re gonna have to ask the Lord to help you with is to accept that Alex really is a good friend. The Bible says that a good friend is willing to give up his life for his friend. You know that Alex was willing to do that. He is still alive, but he did have to suffer a lot.”


Albert started to cry. But his mom knew that it was really good for him.


It was really hard for Albert to respond, but he did.


He said, “Mom, Alex really is the one who should be running around, and I should be the one in the bed. But I know that Alex was willing to help me. If he didn’t, I probably wouldn’t even be alive now.”




I stopped telling the story and glanced at each one of the kids. Most of them were crying along with Albert in the story.


I asked the kids, “Are you all doing ok? I know this is a hard story to hear, but we can already see that God helps us in our difficult times.”


Lisa said, “Grandpa, this is a really good story. But maybe we should just take a break for a little bit and talk about how we are feeling before you continue. Is that OK?”


Mike agreed, “Yeah, I think maybe some of us have a few questions. It might help us with the rest of the story to talk first.”


I responded, “OK, let’s have a little time to chat with each other, all questions and statements are acceptable. We’re not gonna judge anybody by what they say.”


I was amazed at the depth of the questions and patience of the children to wait for what they believed was a response from God. I’m not saying that I really had any super wisdom, but the kids were very interested in what I had to say, and the Scriptures that I suggested that we read and talk about.


At this point in the story, we still did not know what Alex had to do to help his friend Albert, but John 15:13 says:

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.


It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between a want and a need, but God promises in Philippians 4:19:

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


The hardest question that I think was asked during this interesting discussion, was: why didn’t God protect both boys, so that neither one of them would have been injured. I had to admit to them that this is a question some of the smartest, and wisest man in history have not been able to fully comprehend and explain. However, there was no reason why we couldn’t ask the question and listen to what God said to us. I suggested that we wait to see if something in the rest of the story would help with this question. The kids agreed to wait on this one.


Larry asked me if I could just change the story a bit so that it was easier to accept.


For this one, I suggested that we see how Jesus would have responded, so we can try to respond in a similar way.


In John 5:19, we read:

So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise.


I explained to them that I asked Jesus to give me a story to help them understand some of the things that He is teaching. As He was giving me the story, I was actually a little bit concerned that there might be some parts of the story that would be uncomfortable for the kids, or perhaps they might not be ready to consider. But in the end, I realized that our loving Lord had given me the story, and that He would help me to share the story in a way that would honor Him and help them to understand our God better.

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