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Time Tunnel

3. Best Friends


Larry, Lisa and their friends arrived around 3pm. After Larry told me that all of the kids had arrived, I decided it was time to continue with the story.




Albert walked up to the front porch of Alex‘s house and rang the doorbell.


Alex‘s mom answered the door and greeted Albert, “Hi, Albert. Thanks for stopping by again this afternoon. Alex was really excited when he heard that you were going to be coming. You can go over to Alex‘s room now.”


Albert went over to Alex’s bedroom door and knocked quietly.


Alex said, “Hi, Albert, thanks for coming by!”


As Albert walked into the bedroom and looked over at Alex on his bed, Albert had a real hard time holding back the tears.


Alex was looking much better than the last time that Albert visited him. Albert was so pleased to see that his prayers were being answered for his best friend.


Albert opened up the box of candy and showed it to his friend. Albert asked Alex if he had ever had any candy like this before.


Albert said the store owner described it as ‘a strawberry mint truffle, which is mostly strawberry flavored with just a touch of mint.’


Alex took a piece of the candy, tasted it, and said “WOW! This is really good!”


Albert took the other piece of candy out of the box and tasted it himself. He really liked it, too.


Albert asked his friend, “Did you take the math test last Friday?”


Alex responded, “Yes, Mom gave me the test and then asked the teacher to score it for me. The teacher said I did really well. I gotta B on the test. How about you?”


Albert answered, “I gotta B on the test also. Looks like I’m gonna have to work a little bit harder to stay ahead of my best buddy.”


Alex was very excited. He said, “Guess what, Albert! The physical therapist said that I might be able to try walking a few steps tomorrow.”


Albert responded with excitement, “Hey, that’s fantastic! Looks like you’re a little bit ahead of schedule. I was just thinking that you were looking a lot better when I came in today, and I was going to ask you how you were feeling.”


Alex responded, “I feel great! And thanks so much for praying for me. I know that Jesus hears your prayers.”


Albert added, “And a lot of other people’s prayers as well. We are all believing that Jesus is healing you and that you will be able to walk very soon.”


Albert looked at his watch and said, “I’m sorry, Alex. Looks like I’m gonna have to go home and work on my homework before dinner. I am so glad that you’re feeling so much better and that you got a really good report from your physical therapist.”


Alex replied, “Albert, I wasn’t sure that you ever did any homework. Laugh out loud! Well, seriously, you are a really good example for me because you always do your homework and you’re always on time. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you again soon.”


Albert said, “Of course. I will try to come by as soon as I can, and make sure that you’re still doing well.”


Albert also said goodbye to Alex’s mom and thanked her for letting him come by.


Alex‘s mom gave Albert a little hug and told him that he can come to visit Alex anytime he wants. She said that she is so happy that Alex’s best friend is just down the street from him.


As Albert walked slowly down the street to his house, a few little tears came out of his eyes. Then he raised up his head, as if he were looking to heaven, and said, “Thank you, Jesus.”




I told the kids, “That’s the end of chapter 3. Do you want me to continue with the story?”


All the kids said in unison, “Yes!”


Lisa asked, “Is Alex going to be able to walk again? What happened to his legs?”


I answered, “You will just have to wait and see.”

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