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Time Tunnel

2. Shall we continue?


After I left the Children’s Ministry classroom, I was glad that I was limited in time. I was not sure that these young minds were ready for the next part of the story. I knew that the Lord would give me a peace in my heart if He wanted me to continue with this story. I thought I had some time before I would meet with my kids again, but I was quickly surprised.


I really enjoyed telling stories to my kids, so I wasn’t sure why I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the thought of continuing this story. As I drove home, I asked the Lord for a clear direction.


This was New Years Eve and lots of people were planning to go to parties with their family and friends. I just went home and enjoyed the rest of the day relaxing.


I woke up the next morning at my usual time. Soon after breakfast I received a phone call from Larry, one of my kids.


Larry said, “Happy New Years, Grandpa. Did you have a fun evening last night?”


I answered, “I just stayed home and relaxed and had a good night sleep. I guess that is what grandpas do. How about you?”


Larry was a little bit slow in responding. “I have been thinking a lot about the story that you shared with us in children’s ministry yesterday, Grandpa. When do you think you will be able to tell us the next chapter in the story? A few of the other kids asked me if I would call you.”


I responded, “I guess we will just wait until this coming Saturday at our usual time. Is that OK with you and your friends?”


It was another unexpected pause before Larry responded. “Well, we were hoping maybe you would be able to share some more of the story with us a little sooner than that. We really like the story and we keep asking each other a lot of questions that we don’t have any answers to.”


I asked Larry, “What questions do you have?”


Larry responded, “The first one is: what about the accident? And, why did Albert bring candy over to his friend instead of his friend going with him to the store to buy the candy?”


I said to Larry, “I guess it must be a pretty good story because it’s holding your attention. When did you want me to continue with this story?”


Larry replied, “How about this afternoon sometime, or did you already have some thing else you were planning to do?”


At this point, I realized that I was going to have to make a decision about whether I was going to continue with the story or not. I told Larry that the next part of the story might seem to be a little bit disturbing to some of the children.


I was very pleasantly surprised by Larry’s response. He told me that he believed God would give me wisdom as I was telling the story to make some adjustments if it seemed like one or more of the kids were starting to get uncomfortable or scared.


I thanked Larry for the encouraging word and told him that I would be available this afternoon at 3pm if some of the kids wanted to stop by and listen to the next part of the story.


Larry told me that he would talk to the kids that seemed to be interested in continuing the story, and let them know that they could come by my house at 3pm.


After I hung up the phone, I closed my eyes and thanked the Lord for allowing me to be a part of the lives of these precious children. I asked the Lord for wisdom to be able to tell the story in a way that would minister to the children, and bring Him glory.

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