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Stand Firm

4. You Visited Me


For several days, Larry kept thinking about his interactions with Herc. He knew that God had some more things He wanted him to do for Herc, but he couldn’t imagine what it would be.


One morning, just before school started, Annabelle met Larry and Lisa as they arrived.


Annabelle said, “I know the two of you have been thinking a lot about, and I think praying for, Herc. I want you to know that Herc will not be in school today, and maybe not for a few more days. He had to go to the emergency room last night. Herc has a disease that most of the time we cannot see any symptoms, but they do pop up. Last night his parents took him to the emergency room. They were able to help him there, and he was able to go home early this morning. Herc is very lonely. And he doesn’t believe that anybody cares about him. I’m not trying to put a burden on you two, but I just wanted to let you know what’s going on.”


Lisa said, “Oh, Annabelle. We really didn’t know any of this. And we’re so glad that you’re willing to share it with us. I know that people want to keep things about themselves, particularly medical issues, private. However, at times, friends do need to come and help out.”


Larry added, “Thanks so much, Annabelle. We do believe that God has called us to be friends with Herc. I will let you know that it has not been easy for me. But that’s OK. No one should have to be alone during their difficult times.”


Lisa said, “Do you think that Larry and I could stop by Herc’s house this afternoon? Just to let him know that he does have some friends who care for him?”


Annabelle responded, “I think that would be OK. When you get home ask your mom to call over there to Herc’s house. I will give you the phone number.”


Larry said, “Thanks again, Annabelle. We will pray for Herc. We know God has a plan for him. We’re just not quite sure what it is, and how we fit in.“




When Larry and Lisa arrived home from school that day, they told their mother what happened to Herc. They gave the phone number to her and asked if she could call Herc’s mom.


Larry said to his mom, “Please tell Herc’s mom that Herc might not want us to come over. But we believe we should, that is, if it’s all right with her. We will not stay long. We just want Herc to know that there is somebody who still cares for him and realizes that he’s missing when he isn’t at school.”


Mrs. Lewis said, “That is wonderful that the two of you want to go over and visit Herc, even though he may not want you to. Jesus said to His disciples, ‘When you visit someone who is sick, it is like you are visiting me. ‘ “


Lisa said, “Thanks for reminding us, Mom. Sometimes it is hard to take out some time in your day to go and visit somebody, but it is the right thing to do, because Jesus asked us to do it.”




Mrs. Lewis brought Larry and Lisa over to Herc’s house after she called, and his mother said they could come.


When they arrived, Herc’s mom greeted them.


Mrs. Cunningham said, “It is so nice that you came over to visit Herc. He has had several of these occurrences in the last year, but this one seems to be the worst so far. Herc is not doing very well right now. I’m not quite sure how much you can understand even if I told you what his condition is. Perhaps we can talk about that later. I know Herc probably was not expecting you to come. He probably doesn’t even want you to come. But I believe he needs to know that he does have some friends. He seems to push them all away. Thank you, Larry and Lisa, for continuing to be good friends to my son.”


Lisa said, “I hope I don’t start to cry. God has been doing some interesting things in my heart recently, and some of those are coming out in my emotions. I don’t want Herc to think that I’m weird.”


Mrs. Lewis said, “Lisa, God has made you the way you are. God has made Herc the way he is. We’re believing that Herc is going to start to understand that real soon.


Mrs. Cunningham said, “Herc’s father and I are really having a hard time dealing with his sickness. But we know that God is going to help us through this.




Mrs. Cunningham brought Larry and Lisa over to Herc’s bedroom.


Mrs. Cunningham said to her son, “Herc, you have some visitors.”


Herc said, “Who could possibly want to come see me. Especially now that I am sick?”


Larry peaked around the door and said, “Hey, Herc. I heard you’re having a rough time. Lisa and I decided we would come over and cheer you up.”


Lisa peaked around the corner, and said “Yes, Herc. We missed you in school. We wanted to stop by and let you know that we’re praying for you. We want you to get better real soon. We can even stop by your classroom and ask the teacher if there’s something that she could send home with us, for you to look at while you're getting better.”


Herc said, “Huh? What kind of a friend is that?! But really, I do appreciate you guys. And Larry, I was real mean to you, but you didn’t back down. You stood firm, and did what you believed you should do. I haven’t met many kids, much less as young as you, that are willing to do that. I have great respect for you. And hopefully you can be my friend, too. But I’m not quite sure what’s going on right now, and I don’t want to burden you guys.”


Larry said, “Herc, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. I just wanna be around in case you need a friend.”


Herc said, “Wow! I guess I don’t know what else to say. Except, you guys are the best!”


Mrs. Cunningham said, “It was really nice of you two to come over to see Herc. I think we better go now. He really is very tired and needs to get some more rest before dinner. You can stop by again sometime soon, if you want to. And I like the idea of you going over and checking with his teacher. We’ll see what comes of that.”




On the way home, Mrs. Lewis encouraged her children.


Mrs. Lewis said, “Your dad and I are very excited that God is working in your hearts. And leading you to do the things that are difficult for children to do. But honestly, it would be even more difficult for adults to do what you’re doing for Herc. He needs to know kids have not written him off. Larry and Lisa, you’re doing a great job, and God is pleased.

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