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1. In the Dark


Larry woke up in time to take his dog, Sam, for a walk. Larry usually did this each morning before he went to school. Every once in a while, Lisa would take Sam in the morning. However, Larry enjoyed it so much that Lisa told him that he could walk Sam anytime he wanted to.


Larry got dressed like he usually does, however, something seemed a little bit different. He thought by now the sun would be shining, unless it was very cloudy. Larry looked out the window, and it seemed like it was still in the middle of the night.


Larry looked at his clock again. His clock was still working. Larry knew that Lisa was already up and in the bathroom. Larry walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door.


Larry said, “Hey, Lisa. Doesn’t it seem like it’s really dark outside?”


Lisa opened the door to talk to Larry. Lisa said, “Have you already forgotten? This is about the time for the eclipse. You know, when the moon gets in the way, and blocks the sun.”


Larry said, “Oh, yeah. I remember we talked about that yesterday with Dad. I guess I’m still asleep. I hope Sam isn’t upset because we’re going out in the dark. I’ll bring a flashlight with me.“


Lisa said, “That’s a good idea.“


Lisa was finished in the bathroom, so she went back to her bedroom.


Larry went down into the basement where Sam usually sleeps. He got the leash and put the leash on Sam.


As Larry was going out the door, he was still thinking about the eclipse, and trying to remember how long it would be before he could start to see the sun again. The eclipse reminded him of Herc. Lots of things reminded Larry of Herc these days.


Larry walked down to the end of the street and around the corner. That’s where the park was that Sam loved to run around in. The community had set up a fenced area for the dogs to play in.


Larry went into the fenced area with Sam. Larry took the leash off Sam and told him that he could run around. Larry brought a ball to play with Sam. Larry was wondering if Sam was going to be able to see where the ball was in the dark.


Larry threw the ball once, but Sam didn’t run after it. Sam was acting a little bit strange. It may have been because it was so dark, or perhaps, Sam heard something that bothered him. Larry sat down on the bench, and Sam came over and sat next to him.


Larry said, “Well, Sam. What do you think about this dark stuff? Don’t worry. We won’t have an eclipse very often in the morning. I don’t think so, anyway. “


When Larry talked to Sam, Sam usually responded. Sam just had this cute little soft bark that he would make. It was his way of saying, “I hear you, buddy.”


Larry started thinking some more about Herc. He still didn’t know what he was supposed to do to be his friend. Herc was out of school for about a week. When he came back, it was still very difficult for Larry, because the only time he got to talk to him was at lunchtime. And Herc was kind of unresponsive. It’s not like Herc was mean anymore. He just didn’t have anything he wanted to do or say to Larry.


Larry noticed that the sun was starting to peak out from behind the moon. He remembered that it would be a while before the eclipse was completed, but even just a little bit of the sun shining around the moon would be enough to be able to see where he was going. Larry remembered that his dad told him he wasn’t supposed to look at the sun during the eclipse because it would hurt his eyes.


Larry stood up to play with Sam, again. Larry went over and picked up the ball and threw it. Sam ran after the ball and brought it back to Larry.


Larry said, “Good boy!”


Sam gave his little bark.


Larry was thinking it was about time to go back to the house. He put the leash on Sam and they started going back home.


When Larry and Sam came into the house, Mrs. Lewis was in the kitchen fixing the breakfast. Mr. Lewis was sitting at the table, drinking his coffee.


Mr. Lewis said, “Did you guys have a fun time?”


Larry said, “I forgot about the eclipse, but it was OK. I brought a flashlight, and I knew where we were going. Just down the street and around the corner. That’s kind of the way things are with me these days, Dad. I just walk down the street and around the corner. Everything is just routine, with no excitement.”


Mr. Lewis said, “Are you still thinking about Herc? It may take some time for you and Herc to become friends. Please don’t get discouraged. Continue to trust God to lead you in your relationship with Herc.”


Larry said, “Thanks, Dad.”


Lisa came into the kitchen and said good morning to the whole family, including Sam.


The family had breakfast together. Mr. Lewis still tried to find times when he could eat breakfast with his family. He didn’t want to lose touch with what was happening. And he really loved being with his family. The whole family realized that this was important. And they knew that was something Herc was wishing he could have again, so they continued to pray for him and his family.

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