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7. The loud voice, the link, and the last good-bye


Larry went to bed early because he said he was tired. His parents knew that there was something else on Larry’s mind. He never got tired that early, and there was no indication that he was sick.


Mr. and Mrs. Lewis asked Lisa if she aware of anything that was bothering her brother.


Lisa said that Larry was acting kinda strange the last few days, but he didn’t tell her anything that would be helpful.


In the middle of the night, Larry woke up with a fright. He felt like he could not get out of his dream.


He cried out in a loud voice, “No! No! I know I messed up! I was not good enough! Take me instead!”


Larry’s parents and Lisa were jolted out of their sleep and went to check on Larry. Larry was sweating and sitting up in his bed.


After they calmed him down, Larry was able to share some of his dream with his family. Larry had dreamt that someone was being punished for something that Larry had done. Larry said that he believed that the punishment was too harsh, but requiring someone else to take the blame was just totally wrong.


Larry’s parents reminded him that Jesus was willing to take the punishment for our sins. Larry said he remembered that, but he was still confused.


After a short time, Larry decided he wanted to try to go back to sleep. His family prayed a short prayer for Jesus to comfort him. Then they all went back to bed.


Larry couldn’t go back to sleep. He turned his light back on and stared at the picture of Daniel in the lion’s den the rest of the night.


In the morning, Larry was surprised that he wasn’t tired. It seemed like he was given rest in an unexpected way.


It was Saturday. Larry often went over to his friend’s house after breakfast. Larry surprisingly did not ask to go this morning. After breakfast he just went out into the back yard and stared at the mountains in the distance.


Larry’s family was very concerned, but they decided to wait until Larry was ready to talk.


Late in the morning, Mrs. Lewis received a call from Larry’s friend’s mom. She told Mrs. Lewis that the grandmother had died in the middle of the night. She said they thought Larry might want to know since he had been praying with the grandmother recently. The family of the grandmother believed that she had accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior before she died.


Mrs. Lewis called Larry over to talk.


Mrs. Lewis began by saying that she had received a phone call from his friend’s family.


Larry interrupted, “I know, Mom. My friend’s grandmother died last night, didn’t she?!”


Mrs. Lewis said, “Yes. I am so sorry that we did not know that she was so sick. How did you know?”


Larry answered, “Please forgive me, Mom. I knew the grandmother was very sick and she might die soon, but I didn’t tell anyone.”


Larry continued, “I think my dream last night was given to me from God to help me deal with the loss of such a precious grandmother. She was so kind, but she did not believe that she was good enough to go to Heaven. I told her it was ok. Jesus makes up for what we lack by His sacrifice on the cross.”


Larry paused, then he continued, “I wasn’t sure she had accepted Jesus, but my dream last night was the confirmation to me. When you and Dad asked about the dream, I was still unsure, but Jesus confirmed it while I was sitting in the back yard. I thought I had not explained the Gospel well enough, but Jesus told me this morning that my prayers were just a link in a chain of events that ended with His Holy Spirit changing her heart.”


Then, Larry added, “It is amazing that Jesus loves me so much. I thought my last good-bye was not good enough, but Jesus told me that it wasn’t the last good-bye. I will see her again in Heaven.”

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