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6. The languages, the Legos, and the lesson


When Larry and Lisa came home from church, they told their parents about the Bible story from their class.


The people in the story were very proud. They created a project that would keep all the people together and would honor themselves. They decided to build a very large tower, so large that it would reach to the sky. Since they were all speaking the same language, it was easy for them to work together.


They were not encouraging each other to honor God, but they taught each other ways to rebel. God told the people to spread out over the whole Earth, but they all stayed in one place.


God decided to confuse their language so that they could no longer work as one people.


Suddenly, one worker could only communicate with a few other workers. The confusion turned into angry outbursts when someone would say, “Why can’t you understand basic instructions?”


After a short time, work on the building stopped.


People who could understand each other joined into small groups. One at a time, each of the newly formed groups decided to leave and start their own town.


After explaining the Bible story to her parents, Lisa decided to visit the new neighbors down the street. Their daughter, Frieda, was a new girl in Lisa’s class and Lisa wanted her to feel welcome in the neighborhood.


Lisa knocked on Frieda’s door. Frieda was very excited to see Lisa and invited her in to meet her family. Frieda’s parents were so happy that Lisa lived close by and was already good friends with Frieda.


Frieda was born in Germany. German is the main language in Germany, so all children learn German when they first start speaking. Because English is spoken in so many other countries, children also have to learn that language as well in school.


By the time Frieda’s family moved to the United States, Frieda could speak English almost as good as German. Lisa noticed that some of her classmates teased Frieda because she said some things in a strange way. Frieda was also unfamiliar with some of the slang expressions that were being used by her classmates. Lisa tried to stand up for Frieda in class, but that didn’t work out so well.


Frieda told her parents that she felt left out until Lisa showed such kindness toward her.


Frieda’s dad said that even after many years of working in a business where people of many countries all spoke English, there were still misunderstandings that caused a lot of distrust. He thanked Lisa for making the effort to help Frieda in their classroom. He asked Lisa how she had such courage.


Lisa told Frieda and her parents that Jesus Christ died on the cross to free everyone from the sin of pride that leads people to think they are better than others.


Lisa invited Frieda and her parents to visit her church. They thanked Lisa for the invitation and said they would consider going next Sunday.


When Lisa returned home from visiting Frieda, she noticed that Larry was building something with his Legos.


Larry wondered how tall a tower he could build with his Legos. He decided to disassemble all his Lego toys and use the pieces to build a tower like the one in the Bible story.


Larry said to Lisa, “I am going to challenge my friends to try to build a tower taller than mine. No one can build one taller than I can!”


Lisa said, “Wow, Larry! Didn’t you learn anything from the Bible lesson today? I don’t want to be anywhere near you when your pride crashes down with your Lego tower.”


Mr. Lewis interrupted, “Lisa, you may be right, but your response is not one of love.”


Lisa answered, “I guess so, Dad. I need to learn from this lesson myself.”

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