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5. The lunar eclipse, the low voice, and the loving heart


Larry was very excited that he was invited to a sleep-over birthday party for one of his friends. Larry’s mom took him to the store to buy a birthday present. With his mom’s help, Larry wrapped the present. Larry was bouncing around the whole week before the party. Because of his excitement, he could hardly sleep.


Instead of being excited for Larry, Lisa was droopy and disappointed that she had not been invited to any of the birthday parties of her new friends.


The night before the party, Larry and his dad went out into the back yard with their telescope to observe the Lunar Eclipse.


When the eclipse began it could be seen with the naked eye. It looked like a bite was being taken out of the moon. Using their telescope enhanced the view.


The evening was cold. Larry’s dad was a bit concerned that breathing the cold air might not be good for Larry because he had some breathing problems recently. They stayed out to observe the moon being eclipsed, but then came inside. Larry was disappointed that he couldn’t stay outside to watch the moon as it reappeared, but he understood his parent’s concern for his health.


Larry coughed a little bit just as he was falling asleep, but he muffled the sound so that his parents would not hear it. He thought his parents might not let him go to the birthday party the next day if he developed a cough.


In the middle of the night, Lisa heard Larry coughing as he went to use the bathroom. She wondered if Larry’s cough would ruin his opportunity to attend the birthday party. She knew how excited he was to go, but she still was jealous that he had been invited.


Lisa couldn’t fall asleep because she was thinking too much about Larry’s cough. She knew she should pray that Larry would be healed, but her heart just wasn’t in it.


After about a half an hour, Lisa heard a low voice calling her name, “Lisa, Lisa.”


Lisa remembered the Bible story when God called out to Samuel in his sleep. Lisa could hardly believe that God was interested in the little dilemma she had. Lisa wondered if it really was God’s voice or it was just something in her mind.


As Lisa continued to think about her brother, Larry, her heart started to change. Lisa could see in her imagination how much fun Larry would have at the birthday party. She could also see how disappointed Larry would be if he missed the party.


Lisa prayed, “Jesus, please heal Larry from this coughing problem so he can have fun with his friends.”


Within a few minutes, a peace came over Lisa and she fell asleep.


When Larry woke up, he believed he no longer had any problems with his lungs. He was not coughing and he was surprised that he was full of energy.


Larry’s mom and dad asked him if he was feeling ok to go to school. He said he was. Larry was surprised that his parents knew that he was feeling bad during the night. His dad told him he was concerned that the night air might have caused some breathing problems. Larry told his family that he was coughing a bit during the night, but he believed that God healed him.


Then Lisa mentioned that she heard Larry coughing in the middle of the night and decided to pray for him.

She asked her parents if what she heard was God getting her attention. Lisa’s dad said it is very possible that the low voice was from God. His mom agreed.


Larry thanked Lisa for praying for him.


Lisa also admitted that she was jealous of Larry getting invited to a party when she was not. Lisa asked Larry to forgive her for her bad attitude.


Larry said he forgave her and was glad that Holy Spirit worked in her heart.


Mrs. Lewis reminded the kids that God is always working to give us loving hearts.

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