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4. The Log Cabin, the Lizard, and the Lemonade


The Bible story at church encouraged the children to think about all the wonderful things that God put on the Earth for our pleasure and benefit. The teacher suggested that each child think of a letter of the alphabet and find things outside that started with that letter.


When Larry and Lisa returned home with their parents, Mrs. Lewis suggested that they choose their letter by picking a Scrabble tile from a bag. Larry and Lisa loved the idea.


Lisa teased Larry, “I hope you pick a really hard letter like ‘X’ or ‘Z’.”


Larry shot back, “You will probably get ‘E’ and have to find an eel!”


Lisa covered her eyes and yelled, “Yuck!”


Mrs. Lewis said, “That’s enough. Pick your letter.”


Larry chose first. He looked at his letter and said in a sing-song way, “I got an el-le!!”


“Hummph!”, exclaimed Lisa.


She chose a letter, then hid her face with her other hand.


“What is it?”, asked Mrs. Lewis.


Lisa asked, “Can I choose another letter? What outside starts with a ‘V’ ?!”


Lisa’s mom consoled her, “I’m sure you will find something.”


The next day was the beginning of Thanksgiving break and the Lewis family was off to a fun camping trip. The kids agreed to use their time in the woods to look for things beginning with their chosen letter.


When they arrived at the camp site, the Lewis family was reminded by the site administrator that they should watch for black bears. The fact sheet included this general statement:


Bear attacks are rare; most bears are only interested in protecting food, cubs, or their space. However, being mentally prepared can help you have the most effective reaction.


Monday afternoon was surprisingly hot. The Lewis family wasn’t expecting temperatures near 80 degrees. After they checked into their cabin, Mrs. Lewis made some ice cold lemonade. Larry and Lisa went outside with their lemonade while their mom made lunch and their dad checked the fishing gear.


A short distance from the cabin Larry saw a lizard on a tree. Larry put his cup of lemonade on a tree stump and took a closer look. Lisa was squeamish and decided to keep her distance. Larry tried to touch the lizard, but it was quickly out of sight.


Lisa was feverishly looking around for anything that started with a ‘V’. Down the path where the trees were thin, Lisa saw a small patch of violets. Leaving her brother to fuss with yuckie little creatures, Lisa went toward what she thought might be her only ‘V’ in nature.


Lisa knelt down and smelled her beautiful find. She decided to pick a few to show her family and friends back home. Lisa’s attention was so locked onto her fabulous find that she was unaware of a black bear close by.


When Larry couldn’t find his new-found lizard friend, he started looking for his sister. Larry looked down the path and saw the bear close to Lisa. Larry remembered that the notice about bears included a warning to NOT raise your voice. How was Larry going to alert Lisa from such a distance away.


Larry prayed and asked Jesus to protect his sister.


Immediately, Lisa looked up and spied the bear. Lisa froze in fear, thinking that she might become lunch for the furry black creature.


Then a peace came upon Lisa. She put her cup of lemonade on the ground and spoke calmly to the bear. “You can have my lemonade. I’m not very thirsty right now.” Lisa spoke like the bear was her pet.


Lisa slowly moved away from the bear, back down the path toward their log cabin.


Lisa looked back and noticed that the bear approached the cup of lemonade. The bear started to drink the lemonade.


When Lisa met her brother, they were both ready to go back into the cabin.

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