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Puzzle Pieces

5. Close to the Answer


While the family was waiting for Mr. Lewis to get back from the pet store, Lisa decided to call Grandpa and ask him a question. One of the things that Frieda said earlier kept bothering Lisa. She just knew that there was more to the story than what she was hearing. But Lisa didn’t want to keep bugging Frieda, because she was still having all kinds of thoughts about her old neighborhood.


Lisa said to Grandpa on the phone, “Hi, Grandpa. This is Lisa.”


Grandpa responded with his normal, cheery voice, “Hi, Lisa. How are you doing today?”


Lisa responded, “I guess I’m doing fine, but I have a question for you. Do you know where Frieda used to live before she moved here?“


Grandpa said, “Actually, I do. A few years ago, I was invited by one of my friends to talk at a church meeting. It was a meeting for children. My friend remembered that I really like to tell children’s stories, so while I was visiting him, he asked if I would go to his church and tell some of my stories to the children.”


Lisa said, “Hmm. That’s interesting. Do you remember Frieda being one of the children in that group at the church where you told the children stories?”


Grandpa answered, “Yes. I do remember her being there. I was actually very surprised when I told the story in your children’s ministry. Frieda was there, but she didn’t say that she remembered me. That was very curious to me, because I remembered that Frieda was and still is a very friendly person.”


Lisa asked, “So, did you ever figure out why Frieda doesn’t remember you? It may have been a while, but she asked me a question about you specifically. Well, it wasn’t really a question. It was just a comment. She said she remembered somebody who was kinda like you. And the question she asked was why didn’t you come into children’s ministry and tell your stories more often? So I’m wondering if she thinks you’re the same person or just someone very similar.”


Grandpa said, “She did remember me. She just didn’t remember what I looked like. At the time when I visited the church in her other neighborhood, I didn’t have a beard. I know that when somebody grows a beard, it really makes him look a lot different. Especially if a person has never seen you with a beard before.“


Lisa said, “Aha. That’s it! There is some kind of a connection between you and Frieda and this dog that came by our house on Saturday while we were having a picnic. Frieda said that the dog that visited us, and is now actually at our house, because we found him in the park, looks kind of like a dog that used to be in her our old neighborhood. Any idea how that could be?”


Grandpa said, “Now, that’s really interesting. And the reason is because my friend had a dog that had some puppies. Guess who owns one of those puppies now?”


Lisa said, “Wow, Grandpa! We’re really getting close to the answer, now. Am I really supposed to guess, or are you going to let me know who the person is that owns this dog?”


Then Lisa said before Grandpa could answer, “I want you to hear something else even more interesting. I think I know what the dog’s name is!”


Grandpa said, “Yes, that would be very interesting to hear. “


Lisa said, “The dogs name is Sam.”


Grandpa said, “You did not ask me the question, but you made a statement. I really would like to find out how you know what the name of the dog is. But you’re right. The dog’s name is Sam.”


Lisa pleaded, “OK, grandpa. You’re just gonna have to tell me who the owner of this dog is so that we can figure out how to get it back to the owner. The dog is at my house right now. It seems to really love me, but I wanna make sure that the owner gets the dog back.“


Grandpa said, “Thanks for finding the dog. The dog that you have right now is actually the grandson dog of my dog Charlie, who died five years ago. One of the owners of a puppy brought the dog over to my house on Saturday and asked if I would watch the dog for a few days while he was on vacation. The dog really liked me. But for some reason, he just didn’t want to stay in the house. One time when I open the door, he ran out. I’ve been wondering where he was. I was starting to get very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find the dog before my friend came back to pick him up.”


Lisa said, “That must’ve been really hard for you to know that this was the grand puppy of your dog, and now you actually lost him. But God cares even for puppies. And God cares for grandpa’s, too.”


Grandpa said, “Thanks, Lisa. I don’t know what else to say.”


Lisa said, “There is one more thing that we are missing in this picture. One more piece of the puzzle. And it has to do with my friend, Frieda. I think there’s something more I need to be doing. I just don’t know what it is.”


Grandpa said lovingly, “Lisa, you really are a wonderful friend. Frieda is so blessed to have you as a friend.”


Lisa responded, “It looks like things are looking up for her a bit. This afternoon one of the girls specifically asked Frieda to play in the park. This doesn’t happen very often for Frieda. I would just like to be able to find out how to help my friend better, so that she can be more adjusted. So that she can enjoy living here.”


Grandpa said, “Lisa, you’re going to know what to do and what to say. God is leading you. Trust Him with your relationship with your friend.”


Lisa said, “Thanks, Grandpa. Oh. When my dad gets back from the pet store, we will bring Sam over. Make sure you keep the collar on him. So that if he does get away again, people will know where he belongs. “


Grandpa said, “OK, I will. See you soon. And thanks for finding Sam for me. He really is a very good dog. He had a really good grandpa, and I’m sure a really good mom and dad, too.“

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