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Puzzle Pieces

4. What is Your Name?


While they were playing in the park after lunch, Lisa thought she recognized a dog that was running by. It wasn’t so unusual for dogs to run by. The rule said that dogs were always supposed to be on a leash or inside of a fenced area, but some people let their dogs run around anyway.


Frieda was having a wonderful time with Lisa, Sally and the other girls. Frieda was thinking that maybe something changed, but then she started to think the old thoughts again. Those thoughts that kept making her feel like she really wasn’t accepted.


Lisa saw the same dog running by again. This time she was sure. It was Sam the dog that came to visit her family the previous day when they were having a picnic.


Lisa said to her friends, “Look at that dog over there. Have you ever seen it before?”


Sally said, “I’ve never seen it before. “


Several of the other girls said something very similar.


Frieda said, “The dog looks very familiar to me, but I don’t think it is because I haven’t seen it here.“


Lisa asked, “What does that mean? Have you seen the dog before or haven’t you?”


Frieda answered, “I know this sounds really strange. There was a dog in my old neighborhood. It looked a lot like this one, but I think the dog in my old neighborhood was older than this one.“


Lisa said, “I think the dog right over there came and visited us when we were having our picnic yesterday. Larry gave it a little piece of his hamburger. We were hoping we would be able to hold onto it until we could figure out who the dog belongs to. But you know how dogs are. He ran away before we could put something around his neck to hold him in place. He didn’t have a collar on. This one doesn’t either.”


Then, Lisa added, “I have an idea. I don’t know if it’s going to work, but if it does, I think I’m gonna start to see how some of these puzzle pieces are fitting together.”


Mary said, “What do you mean puzzle pieces? It’s just a dog! He got lost. Maybe we can go over and grab him and figure out where he belongs.”


Lisa said, “Wait just a minute.“


Then Lisa walked very slowly toward the dog, and said “Sam, come here, Sam.”


Amazingly, the dog came over to Lisa. It was like the dog knew Lisa. Or maybe the dog even thought it belonged to Lisa. The dog just came over and sat next to her.


Sally said, “That is amazing! How did you know its name?”


Lisa said, “How about this? I just guessed.”


Several of the girls started laughing. They thought that Lisa was telling a joke.


Lisa said, “This is not a joke. I believe the dog’s name is Sam. “


Larry wasn’t very far away when all this was going on. He came over to where the girls were playing. He saw Sam the dog sitting right next to Lisa.


Larry said, “I agree. That is amazing! How did you ever get Sam the dog to come over and sit next to you?“


Lisa said, “I just called the dog over. He thinks his name is Sam.


Larry said, “We just gave that name to the dog yesterday. Why would you think that’s his real name? It was just something that Dad made up.”


Lisa said, “Maybe Dad thought he was making the name up, but he got the right name.”


Larry said, “Come on, Lisa. You must be out of your mind! Of all the names in the world that a person could give a dog, it’s not like Sam is an unusual name. It’s just that there are hundreds of names. How could Dad have just pulled out of the air the name that this dog thinks is his real name?”


Lisa said, “There is a lot more going on here than we know about. Let’s find something we can use as a leash and put it around the dog. I think we should bring the dog back to our house and talk to our parents. We need to know what we should do next.”


Larry said, “OK. It seems like the dog really likes you. So we’ll find something to use as a leash. And you can put the leash on the dog. I don’t think he will run away from you.“


So that’s what they did. Somebody found a short piece of rope that they very carefully made into a leash for the dog so that they wouldn’t choke him. They took the dog back to Lisa and Larry’s house, so they could talk to their parents.


After the Lewis family talked about the dog for a short time, Mr. Lewis said, “I’ll go to the pet store and get a real leash for this dog, so that we won’t be choking him in case he does decide to try to get away again.”

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