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Puzzle Pieces

3. A Glimmer of Hope


Just before the Children’s Ministry class started, Frieda and Lisa we’re having a conversation.


Frieda asked, “I remember a little while ago that Grandpa came in and told a story. I haven’t seen him again. Does he come in very often?”


Lisa responded, “No. Actually, that was the only time I can ever remember him coming and giving a story, or doing anything in Children’s Ministry with us. I guess it was just a special time. Did you enjoy his story?“


Frieda answered, “Yes. It was a very interesting story. And I really liked the way he told the story. He reminds me of somebody from my old neighborhood.”


Lisa said, “That’s interesting. I didn’t think there was anybody like Grandpa!”


Then Lisa added, “Frieda, what do you think is different between where we are now and where you moved from? It must’ve been really hard for you to move.”


Frieda said, “Yes, it was. I just feel so lost, now. Like I really don’t belong here. Like, why did we have to move anyway? I had a lot of friends in the place where I used to live. They really liked me a lot, and I liked them. We had a lot in common.”


Lisa could see that Frieda was about to cry.


The teacher said, “OK, boys and girls. We’re about to begin the class now. Everybody find a seat.“


As usual, Frieda enjoyed the Children’s Ministry class. All of the kids seemed to interact really well with the teacher, and with each other, too. It was a very happy time for Frieda. But for some reason, Frieda kept focusing on things that were different from where she used to live, and where she lives now.


At the end of the class, Sally came over to Frieda and said, “I’m so glad that you’re part of this class, Frieda. You really have a lot of interesting things to say. Do you think you will have some time this afternoon to play with me in the park? Several of the girls have a really neat game they would like to play. I told them that I thought having you play with us would be a lot of fun.”


Frieda smiled. Then she said, “I’m sure I’ll be able to play with you this afternoon after lunch. I’ll check with my mom and dad just before we leave, so that I can tell you whether I’ll be able to be there or not. Thanks for inviting me, Sally. You really are a good friend.“


Lisa heard the conversation and was very encouraged. As Lisa and Frieda we’re walking out the door to find their parents in the lobby, Lisa felt like God had said something to her. But she wasn’t quite sure what it was. For some reason she thought it was related to Sam the dog. But she thought, how could that be?

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