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Changing Seasons

1. The Wakeup Call


When Frank woke up, he remembered that he didn’t have to get up this early. School ended for the summer and Frank’s parents didn’t ask him to get up early.


It was mid-June, and the sun was shining in. Frank thought to himself that there was no real reason to try to continue to sleep, because he never could sleep when the sun was shining in his window. He was actually surprised that he was able to stay asleep this long.


Frank didn’t have any brothers or sisters. Sometimes he wished he did. Sometimes he was glad he didn’t. Today, he wasn’t quite sure which.


Frank went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Frank thought to himself, ‘Is this really me? Am I really gonna be like this the rest of my life?’


Frank started thinking about some of the things that happened in the last year. He and his friends were in first grade. He liked his friends a lot. He even liked Larry, even though he was a little crazy from time to time. Frank remembered that silly story that Larry told when he was over at Grandpa’s house. Frank got really upset when he found out that Larry was using a name similar to his for the kid down the street that was extremely prideful. Frank thought to himself, ‘Am I really that prideful? Well, just a little, maybe.’


Then, Frank remembered how upset he got when he found out that Larry was going to write a poem for the school fair. Why did he get so upset? He really didn’t care whether Larry wrote a poem or not! But for some reason, this was the new Frank. And he didn’t like it. Not even one little bit!


After Frank got dressed, he went into the kitchen and found his mom.


Frank said, “Good morning, Mom. How are you feeling today?”


Frank’s mom responded, “Oh. Hi dear. I wasn’t sure what time you would get up this morning. Your dad and I said you didn’t have to get up early if you didn’t want to, because it is summer. “


Frank said, “Mom, do you like your son?”


Frank’s mom responded, “Of course, I love you, dear! Why wouldn’t I? You’re a wonderful son!”


Frank sat down at the table. His mom put the breakfast on the table for him. Since Frank never really knew when he was going to get up during the summer, his breakfast was usually dry cereal. That was OK with Frank.


Frank said to his mom, “I know you love me. I know dad loves me. But do you like the way I am, now? I mean, do you really know what I’m like, now? I’m not very friendly like I used to be. For some reason I’m always figuring out some reason to say something nasty to Larry. Larry’s a real neat guy. I wonder why I always think of mean things to say to him?”


Frank’s mom sat down next to him. She said, “Well, Frank, I guess you need to think about that a little bit, and ask God to help you. We all have our issues. But God knows how to help us with them.”


Frank responded, “Yeah, I guess I kind of know that, but I really don’t know what it means. Is God really concerned about little Frank down here being a nasty kid? Isn’t God kinda busy doing really important stuff, like making sure that the whole universe doesn’t go kapluie?”


Frank’s mom had seen him like this before. She wondered if he would snap out of it. Or if she and his dad were going to have to do something to help him.


Frank ate his cereal slowly. He kept thinking about the story that Grandpa told in children’s ministry. When was that again? Oh yeah, Frank was thinking, it was on New Year’s Eve. And then Grandpa finished the story the next day at his house. Well, Frank didn’t think he actually finished the story. Maybe he could ask Grandpa if he would finish the story for the kids. That might be something fun for him to do! That is, he thought of it before Larry did.

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