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Puzzle Pieces

2. Loneliness


When Frieda woke up on Sunday morning, she peeked through the blinds, hoping that there might be some reason why she could just go back to sleep. But this was another really beautiful day. Her mom and dad had told her that they were planning to go to church again, as long as there wasn’t anything else that was pressing. Frieda wondered what could possibly be pressing.


Frieda got dressed, assuming that she was going to go to church with her family. When she went into the kitchen, her mom was fixing the breakfast, and her dad was talking to her mom.


Frieda’s dad said, “I agree with you, dear, I think this is a really nice church. I’m glad that Lisa invited us. She is a nice girl, and she really likes Frieda.”


Frieda said, “Good morning, Mom and Dad. Yes, Lisa is a very nice girl. I really like her a lot. But I don’t think anybody likes me, except for Lisa, of course.”


Frieda’s mom said to her daughter, “We are sorry that you still haven’t made very many friends. Are the children at church friendlier than the ones that are in your school?“


Frieda answered, “Actually, the children that go to the church and attend my school are friendly to me, but I still don’t feel like I’m part of the group.”


Frieda’s dad said, “Since Lisa seems to be a really good friend, maybe you could ask her if she knows what you could do differently that might make your relationships with the children easier. I know that’s kind of a strange thing to say, but Lisa might have an idea or two. Do you think you’d like to ask her that?”


Frieda wasn’t sure what she wanted to say, so she just sat there.


Frieda’s mom and dad realized that Frida really was struggling on the inside, but they weren’t sure what they could do to help her.


After breakfast, they went to church. Frieda’s mom and dad met Lisa’s parents in the lobby.

Since the kids were already talking to each other and wandering around, the parents decided that they could have a quick conversation before the church meeting started.


Frieda’s mom said, “Frieda is still feeling very lonely, and left out of activities. It’s not like anybody is mean to her. She just doesn’t know how to show that she’s interested in what they’re doing. We are surprised because she wasn’t like this before we moved here.”


Lisa’s mom responded, “When we first moved here, Lisa was feeling like the kids weren’t going to like her. Sounds similar to your daughter. Fortunately, Lisa and a few of the girls connected with some common interests. After that, Lisa started to gain confidence again, and started reaching out to some of the other girls.”


Lisa’s dad said, “Maybe that’s the reason why Lisa is really trying to help Frieda. Because she knows what it’s like.“


Frieda’s dad said, “We talked to Frieda about this before we came to church. We suggested that Frieda ask Lisa for some suggestions about how to interact with the other children. Hopefully, something good will come from that conversation.”


Lisa’s dad said, “Thanks for letting us know. We will pray for this conversation. We know that God wants your daughter to have friends here. Most of the children her age are friendly. They just don’t make an effort to include someone who is left out.”


Frieda’s mom said, “Thank you very much. We’re still trying to understand how we as parents should be praying for our daughter.“

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