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Is It Fair

4. Inspiration


When Larry finally arrived at home, Lisa noticed that her brother had a more positive attitude about doing his project.


Larry’s mom was also very pleased because Lisa told her that all of the guys were given Larry a really hard time at school.


Larry said to Lisa and his mom, “I stopped by and talked to Grandpa for a few minutes. As usual, he had something very encouraging to say to me. I wasn’t quite sure there was anything encouraging to say to me, but Grandpa always comes up with something.”


Lisa responded, “Hey, that’s great! Glad you’re feeling better about this project of yours.”


Mrs. Lewis added, “Yes, Larry, we all know your poem will be wonderful. It doesn’t matter what the other boys think.“


Larry said, “I know that now. But it still doesn’t seem fair to me. Just because I like to write poems, and nobody else does… does that mean that I have to suffer through what they say about me? I thought they were my friends. “


Mrs. Lewis said, “Sometimes that’s what happens in life. Not everybody will understand you perfectly. And when they don’t understand, sometimes they think they need to make fun of you.“


Larry said, “Thanks, Mom and Lisa. I really have a great family!“


Then Larry asked Lisa, “Can I get a quick look at your drawing, even though it isn’t completed yet? I think I would like to start writing my poem today. You told me about it, but I really would like to actually see it. I know it will be a great inspiration to me.”


Before Lisa could answer, Larry added, “By the way, I found out when I was talking to Grandpa this afternoon that he writes poems, too. As a matter of fact, he’s written a lot of poems. And he really loves writing poems and other types of writings, too.”


Lisa said, “Wow! I knew that Grandpa really was very creative based on all the stories that he tells us, but I never would have guessed that he likes poetry. Maybe, we can get a time when all the kids can get together and he can read some of his poems to us. Maybe that’ll change the attitude of some of the boys about you writing a poem, Larry.“


Larry responded, “Thanks Lisa. I really appreciate that.”


Mrs. Lewis added, “Yes, Lisa. That is a very good idea. I think Grandpa would be up for that. But for now, Larry, you’re going to have to start working on your poem, even if the other guys are still giving you a hard time about it. I agree that looking at Lisa’s drawing will definitely give you some inspiration.”


Mrs. Lewis added, “Lisa showed her drawing to me just before you got home, and I think it really is very good.”


Lisa said, “Thanks, Mom. I really appreciate your encouragement. You and Dad and Larry are always encouraging me in my drawing. For a little while I wasn’t quite sure that people would accept it, kind of like the poetry that Larry’s trying to do. But I’m OK with it now.”


Lisa added, “Just stay right where you are and I’ll bring out my drawing, so both of you can look at it together.“


Lisa went into her bedroom to get her drawing. She brought it out and showed it to Larry and her mom.


Larry said, “Yeah, Lisa. This really is very good. It makes me feel like I’m sitting in the backyard.”


Lisa said, “Thanks, Larry. I think I’ll just leave it right here on the counter for a little while, so that you can look at it as you start your poem. Will that be OK, Mom?”


Mrs. Lewis responded, “Sure. But you will need to find another place to put it when I start getting ready to set the table for dinner.“


Lisa responded, “OK, Mom.”

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