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Is It Fair

2. Stay Focused


When Larry and Lisa arrived in the classroom at school, there was a lot of chatter about what’s happening. Everybody wanted to tell each other what they were planning to do at the fair.


Several of Lisa’s friends walked over to her and wanted to know what her drawing was going to be. Of course, they knew that she was going to draw something, because that’s what she liked to do.


Lisa’s friend, Frieda, was usually very quiet. She didn’t say very much in class unless she was called on. And only a couple of the girls enjoyed talking to her for some reason.


Frieda asked Lisa, “I’m sure you’ve decided what you’re going to draw for the fair. Can you tell me?“


Lisa responded, “Of course! I am almost finished with my drawing now. I decided to sit in my backyard and draw the trees and the mountains that I can see. My drawing will represent some of the landscape in our area.“


Frieda was real excited. She said, “That sounds like a really good idea, Lisa! You always have good ideas. I’m still kind of not sure what I’m gonna do.“


Lisa encouraged Frieda, “I’m sure you’ll come up with something really fantastic. You are so creative.”


Frieda said, “Thanks, Lisa. I need to stay focused, so that I can come up with something really good for the fair.”


Meanwhile, a few of Larry’s friends were still joking around with him. For days, Larry had been saying that he had no idea what he will do for the fair. He even mentioned that maybe he wouldn’t do anything. But he knew that wasn’t going to be acceptable.


Charlie said to Larry, “Come on, Larry, you’re gonna have to come up with something! Why don’t you run by Grandpa’s house and ask him to give you some ideas?”


Larry responded, “No problem, Charlie! I actually came up with something last night. But I’m wondering whether I should just let it be a surprise for everybody except the teacher.“


George was another one of those guys that usually doesn’t say a whole lot. But he decided he needed to say something this time.


George said, “I don’t think you should do that to us, Larry. You’re gonna have to tell us what you’re gonna do, or we are gonna keep giving you a hard time.“


Larry responded, “What! George, why did you decide to start talking now? Don’t give these guys any ideas.“


Another one of Larry’s friends, Frank, who got upset when Larry decided to use the name Franco in one of his stories, decided he wanted to say something too.


Frank said, “Are you really focusing on this thing for the fair? I don’t think you are. I don’t think you have even a clue about what you’re going to do!”


Larry decided he would have to say something to shut these guys up.


Larry said, “I have decided what I’m going to do. And it’s somewhat connected with what my sister, Lisa, is doing.“


Charlie responded, “What is that supposed to mean? You’re not telling us anything.”


Larry was getting really irritated with his friends. He decided to just get it all out in the open.


Larry said with a lot of emphasis, “I’m going to write a poem. And the poem is going to be saying something about Lisa’s drawing. So, there you have it!”


Frank said, “You gotta be kidding! Who writes poems?“


Larry was even more upset. He said, “Well, I guess I’m just gonna have to start calling you Franco. Sounds to me like you’ve got some kind of a problem! I’m not saying what it is, but you’re gonna have to deal with it! I’m writing my poem, and no one is gonna stop me!”


The rest of the day didn’t go any better for Larry. Any time one of his friends had an opportunity to give him a hard time about his poem, they did. Larry was hoping the day would get over really, really fast, but it seemed like it was going very, very slowly. Now, Larry was having a real problem staying focused. How was he ever gonna write his poem when all of his friends thought he was some kind of a weirdo?

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