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Hidden Pride

3. The Confession


When the rest of the kids arrived, Lisa said to Larry, “Where have you been? We didn’t see you at the playground. I was about to go home and tell Mom and Dad to go look and see if you were in the hospital, like maybe you got hit by a car or something.


Larry exclaimed, “What, that’s crazy! I’ve been over here with Grandpa, and helping him with the shrubs, and also helping him write the story for today!”


Henry said, “Of course.  You’re always trying to do something special, like getting a big head or something.”


I said, “Don’t be so hard on Larry.  He has been helping me, and he’s going to tell the story today. Are you ready to start, Larry?”


Larry responded, “Sure.”


Larry started telling the story.




Mr. Smith-burger was outside in his front yard, trimming his hedges.  Mr. Smith-burger doesn’t take very long because he cuts his shrubs like a crazy man. But it always looks really good when he’s done.


Franco, the kid down the street is always coming down to Mr. Smith-burger’s yard and making comments about what he’s doing. 


Franco said, “Hey, Mr. Smith-burger.  Looks like you’re doing your hedges again. Didn’t you just do them a couple weeks ago?”


Mr. Smith-burger was a really nice guy, but he was starting to get kind of irritated with Franco, so he said, “Well, Franco, you can watch if you want to, but just don’t comment, please.”


Franco decided he was just gonna chill and watch him for a little while.


So, as Mr. Smith-burger was working on his hedges, he finished the hedges right in front of the house, in like about two minutes. Then, he decided it was time to go work on the bush that was in the middle of the front yard. The bush in the middle of the yard is very artistic, like one of those bushes that are done by the Japanese, or somebody like that. 


As Mr. Smith-burger was working on the bush in the middle of the yard, there was a strange sound.  It was coming out of the middle of the bush.  About 10 billion bees, or wasps, or whatever they were, just came flying out of the bush and were going after Mr. … Mr. Smith-burger and his trimming machine.


Mr. Smith-burger dropped his trimming machine on the ground. About half of the wasps went after the trimming machine, and the other half started chasing Mr. Smith-burger all around the yard as he ran around the side of the yard and into the backyard. They just kept flying after him at about a million miles an hour. 


After about 10 minutes, Franco was still standing there, and he kept laughing his head off.


Then Mr. Smith-burger came back into the front yard to see what was going on. He realized that the wasps had completely covered his whole trimming machine. You couldn’t even tell if it was a trimming machine, or what color it was, because the wasps had just completely covered it.


So, Franco is still out there by the street, watching this whole thing going on. 


Franco says to Mr. Smith-burger, “Hey, Mr. Smith-burger, what’s up over there?  Didn’t you know there were wasps in the bush? Why didn’t you check for them first?  Well, that was a really stupid thing to do!  If I was doing the shrubs, I certainly would look for a wasp before I started, because there’s wasps like all over the whole neighborhood!”


Well, Mr. Smith-burger was still a really nice guy, but he says, “Gee, Franco, that was like really super observant. I appreciate the input. I guess I’m just gonna have to be more careful next time before I start.”


Franco said, “Yeah, man, you’re just gonna have to do that. If you need me to help you come down and check it out next time to get ready to do your shrubs, just let me know.”


So, Franco just kept on going down to the next house to see if he could help somebody else with the shrubs. 




Larry said, “What do you think of my story?”


Mary exclaimed, “Wow, Larry! That was a very exciting story!”


Charlie asked, “What are we supposed to learn from the story, Larry?”


Larry said, “What do you think about that guy, Franco, out by the street? Did it seem like he was a having a problem with pride?”


Lisa said, “Yeah, Larry.  It was pretty obvious. So, why didn’t Franco realize that he was proud? Or was he OK with being proud? And why was Mr. Smith-burger so nice to him?”


Larry paused for a short time, and then he said, “Umm, I guess I kinda need a little bit of help, Grandpa.”


I said, “Do any of you kids feel like you have a problem with pride?”


Henry responded, “Grandpa, I never really thought about whether I was proud or not. How am I ever going to figure that out?”


Larry said, “I have a confession to make. You know the guy in the story, Franco?  Well, that’s really me! I was over here, talking to Grandpa.  He was helping me realize that it’s very difficult to see pride in yourself, but you can see it in a lot of other people. Have any of you seen what looked like pride in me? I really want to know. I trust you guys as friends.  Please tell me. And I’m ready to listen now.”


At this point, Larry, Lisa, and all of their friends had a really interesting conversation about what pride is, how hard it is to see it in yourself, and how hard it is to share it with your friends when you see it in them. But they all agreed that they needed to help each other. I told them that I was very pleased that they were caring for each other by talking about pride with each other.

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