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3. I Get It


Larry called Herc on the phone to tell him about the next time Grandpa was going to tell a story at his house.


Larry said, “Hey, Herc. You said you might want to go over to Grandpa‘s house sometime. He invited some of us over this Saturday afternoon. Do you think you can come?”


Herc said, “I think so. I’ll check with my mom and dad. Grandpa lives close to you, right?”


Larry said, “That’s right! I can meet you at the park and show you where his house is. If you can make it, meet me at 2:30. Call me back, and let me know.”


Herc responded, “OK, great! Thanks for inviting me. I think it’ll be a lot of fun.”




Herc called Larry back, and said that he would be able to go to Grandpa’s house on Saturday. Larry met Herc at the park and they walked together to Grandpa’s house.


When they got to Grandpa’s house, Grandpa greeted Larry and Herc.


Grandpa said, “Hi Larry. Who is your new friend?”


Larry said, “This is Herc. He’s one of my new friends from school. I told him about you, and he said he would love to meet you and hear one of your stories.”


Herc said, “Hi, Grandpa. That is, I am allowed to call you ‘Grandpa’, right?”


Grandpa said, “Of course. I’m glad you could come.”


Several more kids showed up for the story time.


Grandpa said, “I have a real special story for you kids today. I talked to Larry. He said it was alright for me to share this story. The story is about Larry, and his dog, Sam. I mixed a little bit of real life with some other things to make the story interesting.”


Frank said, “This is going to be really cool!”


Grandpa started his story.




Larry woke up in the morning to take his dog for a walk. Larry loves to walk his dog, Sam. Larry and Sam get up early in the morning and go down the street. They are excited because there is a park close by. Sam loves to run and play with Larry in the park.


This morning, Larry expected the sun to be coming up, but it was very, very dark. Larry’s sister Lisa was already up, so Larry asked Lisa what he should do. Lisa suggested that he take a flashlight, so that he could see the path.


Larry got his flashlight and put the leash on his dog, and they started walking down the street. When they got close to the end of the street, Larry started to think about what he needed to do next. He wasn’t quite sure. He remembered from a previous time that he had to walk about this distance, but then he had to do something else.


Larry and Sam stopped. Then Larry remembered what he needed to do. There was one more thing. He was so close, but he wasn’t actually at the park. He turned around the corner, and then he saw the park. Larry and Sam went into the park, and into the fenced in area where the dog could play. Larry and Sam had a wonderful time playing.


After a short time, it seemed like the sun was coming out. But the sun wasn’t really coming out. The sun was always there. This was an unusual day. The moon had hidden the sun for a short period of time. This is called an ‘eclipse’. As the moon started to move away from the sun, a little bit of the sunlight was coming around the edge of the moon. Even just a little bit of the sun shining around the moon was enough for Larry and Sam to see what they were doing in the park.


When Larry and Sam were finished playing, they started going back toward their house. By this time, more of the sun was shining around the edge of the moon, and it was very easy to see their way.




Grandpa said, “That’s the end of the story. What do you think of it?”


Frieda said, “That was a great story, Grandpa! It sounded very much like what Larry would do.”


Larry said, “There was a lot of truth there. And one day recently, it was an eclipse, and I had the problem that Grandpa mentioned. Grandpa asked me to tell him what it was like to go to the park with my dog, Sam.”


Grandpa asked, “Do you understand the story? We have to realize that in our lives, we have desires for fun things. God always wants us to have fun in our life. But every day isn’t the same. Some days there seems to be darkness all around us. The darkness can come in many different forms. You may have hurts from the past. Someone may have disappointed you that you thought was your friend. There may have been someone that you loved very much that died unexpectedly, or has been sick for a long time. You may have remembered times when your parents spent a lot of time with you, but recently, it seems like there isn’t very much time to be with them. You may feel like God has forgotten you. But He has not.”


Lisa said, “So, Grandpa, what should we think about the flashlight?”


Grandpa said, “Good question. Can anyone think of a purpose for having the flashlight during a dark day?”


Charlie said, “I’ve been having a lot of dark days recently. I know God is with me and my family, but it is still hard to see the way. I think the flashlight represents God leading us.”


Grandpa said, “That’s right, Charlie. God’s Word, which we call the Bible, is like a light to our path. When we’re not sure what we should do, God will show us a verse in the Bible that will help us to understand how to move forward in our difficult times.”


Herc wasn’t sure whether he should say anything or not. He was one of the new guys, and he didn’t want people to think something bad about him. That is, if he asked a really stupid question.


Grandpa could tell by looking at Herc that he had a question. Grandpa said, “Herc, do you have a question, or did you want to share something with us?”


Herc asked, “I understand that the eclipse was causing the darkness, but why did you put the part in the story that the sun was starting to shine around the edge of the moon? In the story, Larry had a flashlight. We’re saying that the flashlight was God‘s Bible. Wasn’t that enough?”


Grandpa said, “Yes. You might think that God‘s word is enough to lead you along your way in life. And that actually is true. That’s why God gave us his word. However, there are some very difficult times in life when we desire some extra comfort and encouragement. That is the purpose of God‘s Holy Spirit. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, God, the Father, sends Holy Spirit to be with us. Holy Spirit also helps us understand the Bible.”


Larry said, “Wow, Grandpa! I didn’t think my little story would be so powerful.”


Grandpa said, “That’s the way it is with our lives. God is calling each one of us to walk down the road of life. He gives us direction. He gives us his word to direct us along the path. He gives us His Holy Spirit to comfort us. But at some point, when we get to the end of the street, we still have to make a decision. We have to turn the corner and accept God‘s plan for our life. When we turn the corner, will we be able to find the park. The park represents the place that God wants us to be. He wants us to be protected, like inside the fence. He wants us to have fun with our friends and our pets, like Larry and Sam. God wants the best for us. He’s asking us to turn the corner, but we have to decide to say ‘yes’ to Him.”


Lisa started to cry. She knew what God was doing.


Herc looked over at Lisa and saw her crying. A little voice inside of Herc told him something. He wasn’t quite sure, but he thinks it was God speaking to him. He knew he had to say something. Not because Lisa was crying, but because God was working in his heart, like He did in Larry and Lisa’s hearts.


Herc said, “Can I say something else?”


Grandpa said, “Of course you can, Herc. We’re all friends here. It doesn’t matter what you say. We will always be your friends.”


Herc said “I have never felt like this in my life. I think I know what it is. I get it! God has been leading me along the path, down the street. Several people have reached out to me and shared God‘s love with me. I now realize that God‘s love can heal even the deepest wounds. Even for a young person like me. God was waiting for me to turn the corner. To trust Him. I believe I did. And now, I’m enjoying playing on the playground with you guys, and with Grandpa.”


Lisa looked over at Frieda. Lisa noticed that Frieda was crying as well. Lisa knew that good things were coming to Herc and his family.

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