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Across the Ocean

6. The Rescue


Grandpa drove slowly through the small town that was next to the castle. He knew he was supposed to be driving slowly because of the speed limit sign, but he had some other reasons as well.


Grandpa said, “Well, this is it! This is the small town that is the responsibility of the Earl of the castle. Hundreds of years ago, this was very significant for their protection. Today, it’s just enjoyable to be here. “


Larry said, “Grandpa, when you said this was a small town, you were not kidding.“


Mrs. Lewis said to her husband, “Dear, this is a very cute town. I probably would enjoy living here.”


Mr. Lewis said, “Maybe after I retire, we can get a summer home here.“


Lisa responded, “Really, Dad!? That would be really exciting. When do you think that will happen?”


Mrs. Lewis said, “Lisa, your dad was just kidding. We probably won’t ever be able to have a home here.”


Grandpa said, “They have all the things you need here. There’s a church right in front of us. There’s a nice convenience store on the right-hand side. There’s a hotel and restaurant on the left-hand side. All the people here are very friendly and helpful.”


As they approached the church, it became very obvious that they were going to have to stay to the left because the road was splitting. Grandpa stayed to the left for what appeared to be about another block. Then he pulled up to an entrance that had a very large gate.


Grandpa said, “That’s the end of the town. And we have arrived at the castle.”


Right next to the open gate to the castle was a guard, with what Larry thought was a very significant looking gun in his hand.


Larry said, “I hope we’re in the right place, Grandpa. That soldier looks like he’s one of those ‘shoot first, and ask questions later’ kinda guys.”


Mr. Lewis said, “I think you’ve been watching too many scary movies recently, son.“


The guard said, “The castle is not open to the public today. Are you going to be a resident guest?”


Grandpa said, “Yes, we are coming to stay in the castle for a few days.“


The guard said, “Very well. Just follow the path straightforward until you get to the parking lot. You will see the sign directing you to park.”


As Grandpa was driving very slowly down the path, they could see the horses grazing in the field.


Lisa said, “That is a very beautiful white horse. If they let me ride one, I want to ride on that one.“


Larry said, “I think that one must belong to Jesus, because the Bible says when he comes back, He will be riding on a white horse.”


Grandpa drove into the parking lot, and into the space reserved for resident visitors. A very friendly young lady came out to greet them.


The young lady said, “Good morning. My name is Elizabeth. I’m glad you managed to find the castle. Some people get lost on their way here.”


Grandpa said, “I have been here before. The only time I get lost is when I want to be!“


The kids giggled quietly.


Elizabeth had a very questioning look on her face, but she didn’t say anything in response to Grandpa.


Elizabeth said, “I will show you where you’re going to be staying. You can feel free to bring your things into the castle through this entrance at your convenience. Also, feel free to walk around the outside of the castle. Just be very careful and stay together. You can walk over to the fence where the sheep are, but don’t try to climb over the fence.”


Grandpa said, “Thank you very much, Elizabeth.“


Mr. and Mrs. Lewis decided they should bring some of the luggage into the castle. Elizabeth helped them.


Larry and Lisa seemed like they weren’t interested in moving luggage. They were just too excited. So, Grandpa said he would walk with the kids around the castle and try to keep up with them.


As they were walking around to the back of the castle, they saw a river at the bottom of the hill in the wooded area on the right-hand side. That seemed to be very interesting to the kids, but made Grandpa a little bit nervous.


Grandpa said, “We will go over there and take a look, but I’m not sure whether we’ll be able to go down by the river. It may be too dangerous. We’ll have to see.”


When they got to the edge of the wooded area, they looked down and could see the river flowing very slowly. There was a path with a small gate that looked like it would be easy to open.


Grandpa looked at the path down the side of the hill, and decided he wasn’t really up for it. But it seemed safe to him.


Larry said, “Grandpa, please let us walk down the hill, at least a short distance. This is going to be really fun!”


Lisa said, “Yes. I would really like to go, too. We will be very careful.”


Just as they started to go down the hill, Grandpa said to Larry, “Larry, you must stay very close to Lisa the whole time. It’s very important that you stay close to her.“


Just as Grandpa was talking, Larry remembered something from his dream about visiting this castle. He remembered that’s exactly what Grandpa said in his dream. Of course, when Larry was having the dream, he didn’t know why Grandpa would say that. But now, Larry knew that it was very important for him to stay close to Lisa as they walked down the path.


Lisa opened the gate. Larry was standing very close to her as she was walking down the hill, exactly the way he was told.


Lisa said, “This is a lot more exciting than I thought it was going to be.”


Larry started to realize that the ground was a bit slippery. And some of the soil was starting to break off of the edge of the path and fall down the hill. Larry got nervous, but Lisa seemed to be unaware of the danger.


When Larry and Lisa were about a third of the way down, Lisa lost her footing and might have fallen down the side of the hill. Larry was close enough to Lisa that he grabbed a hold of her arm and pulled her back.


Lisa was so frightened by the event that she put both of her arms around Larry.


Larry said, “it’s OK, Lisa. We will be fine. I think we need to go back up.”


Lisa couldn’t say anything. She started crying. It was like she didn’t want to stop holding onto Larry. Larry was OK with that. He realized that he needed to take care of his sister. God had given Larry a warning dream that something like this might happen.


When they got back up to the top of the hill, Grandpa said, “Are you both OK?”


Larry said, “I think we are.”


Lisa said, “I am OK because I have a brother who loves me so much that he wouldn’t let me fall. He stayed close enough to me to grab a hold of me. It reminds me of the story of Alex and your son.“


Grandpa said, “I think it’s time for us to go back to the front of the castle where it’s more safe. What do you think?”


Larry said, “I agree.“


Lisa didn’t say anything, but the fact that she was still holding Larry’s hand meant that she agreed as well.

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