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Across the Ocean

4. What is a Lord?


The preparation for the trip went very well. Grandpa purchased the tickets, and the Lewis family was able to pack all the things they thought they needed in luggage that they were allowed to bring.


As they were going through the airport and the security checkpoints, Larry and Lisa were very happy that their parents had given them some idea what to expect.


The flight on the airplane was going to be very long, so Grandpa had reserved seats together in the middle of the airplane. The five of them could sit next to each other, so that they could talk and also switch seats if they wanted to.


Grandpa had been thinking about a few things to talk about on the flight over.


Grandpa started by saying, “Larry and Lisa, do you know what a lord is?“


Larry responded, “Sure! Jesus is Lord.“


Grandpa said, “That’s right, Larry. Why do you think Jesus wants us to call him Lord? Do you know that in some of the countries in Europe, including Scotland, there are people who help the king and queen. It’s somewhat like our government, but they’re not elected. Each of these people who have been given certain responsibilities used to have castles. The castles were there for security.“


Lisa said, “So, does that mean that the guy who owns the castle we’re going to see is a lord? Is it OK for us to call him lord?”


Grandpa answered, “It’s quite all right. I’ll try to help you understand. First, we need to remember that Jesus is King. And he has delegated some of his responsibility to other people in His kingdom. So that we can understand our relationship to God, He often uses words that we are familiar with.“


Larry said “Hmm. I think I’m starting to understand.“


Grandpa said, “That’s why the Bible says that Jesus is the King of all kings, and the Lord of all lords.”


Lisa asked, “I guess that’s kind of interesting. So, is the person who owns the castle really a lord?


Grandpa responded, “It’s a little bit more complicated than that. There are several levels of importance in these countries. The person who owns this castle actually is called an Earl, but his official title is Lord. So, when you address him, you will call him ‘Lord’ and then his name, or just 'My Lord'."


Mr. Lewis said, “So, Grandpa. Since you are descended from an Earl, does that mean you’re an Earl also? Should we be calling you, ‘Lord Grandpa’?“


Larry said, “Now, that would be really interesting!“


Grandpa said, “Not all of the sons get the title of the father. Only the oldest son becomes the next Earl.”


Larry said, “Thanks. I would like to continue calling you just ‘Grandpa’, if that’s  alright?”


Grandpa said, “Yes, Larry. I think you should continue to do that. I don’t want people calling me Lord anything.”


Grandpa continued, “The Earl of this castle knew the queen of England, very well. She would come and visit some of the castles from time to time. She always wanted to come to this castle. On one of those occasions, the Earl planted a tree in honor of the queen. When we get to the castle, I’ll show you which tree it is.”


Lisa said, “Wow! That’s really cool!”


Grandpa said, “Another thing I would like to tell you is that my wife and I visited this castle on one of our anniversaries. I rented a car so we could drive around. We found the location of the old castle. Of course, there wasn’t much of it left because it had been destroyed. But one thing I did find, and I brought it back, was the rock that I showed you in my living room when I was telling you about this trip. I am almost positive that it was a rock from the original castle. There is no other explanation for the notch in it.”


Larry said, “I could tell you really enjoyed telling us about that rock. I’m sure it still helps you remember some of the fun times that you had with your wife.“


Grandpa said, “Yes, it does. I am so glad that I still have things like that.”


It was a really long flight. Grandpa and the kids continued to talk. Larry had about 10,000 questions. Of course, Grandpa didn’t have time to answer them all, but he did enjoy the conversation. It made the time go a little quicker.


Mr. and Mrs. Lewis managed to close their eyes for a short time. The kids kept looking over at them, and wondering if they really were asleep or just pretending.


Just before the plane landed, the stewardess reminded all the passengers that they were going to have to go through some more security checks when they got off the plane in Scotland.


Larry said, “Grandpa, you got to be kidding! We already did all that. Why do we have to do it, again?!”


Grandpa said, “The things we did before we got on the plane was for the United States. The things we’re doing when we get off the plane is for Scotland. Don’t ask me why they don’t talk to each other. Each country just decides to do their own thing.“

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