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A New Life

1. The Rising Sun


While Lisa was waiting for her mom and dad to prepare the breakfast, she went out into the area in front of the castle. She brought her drawing materials with her. She sat down on the bench and looked out over the beautiful landscape as the sun was rising.


As Lisa began sketching the beautiful scene, she remembered what Grandpa had said. He loved to be out in nature, too, but he took pictures because he was not gifted enough to do drawings like Lisa.


Lisa paused, and started thinking about this.


Grandpa had a gift of finding just the right time and just the right place to take a picture. Lisa was seeing that her gift was sketching the scenery. Was her gift different than Grandpa’s? Yes, different, but not any better.


Larry came over and sat next to his sister. He looked at the scenery and then at Lisa’s sketch.


Lisa looked up at Larry and said, “Hey, sleepy bones. Glad you got up in time for breakfast.”


Larry responded, “Yeah. I slept ok, but I woke up earlier than I expected. I thought I should make sure I didn’t miss anything on this exciting trip. I am still not sure that it isn’t all just a dream - a very amazing and life-like dream.”


Lisa stopped drawing. Larry thought he noticed that there were a few tears coming down Lisa’s cheek.


Lisa said through the tears, “Larry, I did not know how to thank you for saving me yesterday. It is … just … more than I can …”


Larry waited patiently as Lisa was trying to share her heart of love. It was so new to Larry that he couldn’t say anything even if he wanted to.


Lisa continued, “I guess what I really want to say is, you're the best brother anyone could ever have. Why did God give you to me? I have not been very nice to you. Actually, I am usually nasty. I am so sorry for how I have treated you recently.”


Larry just sat next to his sister soaking in all that she was saying. He now was seeing her as his sister, not just Lisa in his family. But he wanted to know how to be a better brother.


Larry and Lisa sat next to each other silently for what Larry used to think was a very long time, but today it was just fine to not say or do anything for a while.




Grandpa came over to the twins.


He said, “Are you two ok? You were so still and not talking that I thought you both fell asleep.”


Lisa said, “Good morning, Grandpa! It is a very beautiful morning. It feels like my life just started.”


Grandpa said, “I am so happy for you both. Can you break for a short time to eat breakfast with us?”


Larry responded, “Oh, yeah. I forgot. Lisa, I was sent out here to tell you that breakfast is ready.”


Lisa said, “OK. Let’s eat!”

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